Doubting that the BodyFast Coach can help you hit your goals? Challenge accepted!

We’ve been there: Getting started with something you’ve never done before can feel like an unsolvable puzzle in the beginning. And it can make you feel tempted to bury your head in the sand.

Or you are an experienced faster already, but don’t really see how the Coach can support you on your journey?

One way or the other, wait a minute! Maybe there is some untapped potential in the BodyFast app you haven’t discovered yet. Allow us to shine a light on the premium features of your Coach subscription – and show you some secret hacks how to use them in the most effective way.


1. Tailored Fasting Plans

Your journey is unique, so is your fasting program from the Coach! It’s based on your starting conditions and goals and adapts to your progress and lifestyle.

Another plus? Apart from your personal program you also have the option to fast with more than 50 effective single-week plans. Or you choose one of the other multi-week journeys that are available in the fasting tab of the app (e.g. “Fat Killer” or “Better Health”).

Our secret success hack to make your progress go through the roof with your personal program?

👉🏼 The Coach invests extra attention in the first two weeks of your fasting journey to understand YOU better – your preferences, habits, and goals.

Make sure to stick with your program in this initial phase; this is crucial for the Coach to create optimally fitting fasting plans for you. And don’t forget to rate each fasting week honestly after finishing it. It’s your feedback that helps the Coach fine-tune the plans for ultimate success.



2. Daily Coachings and Weekly Challenges

Success is not only based on mere eating breaks; it’s based on lasting fasting motivation, fasting knowledge and the ability to create sustainable habits that you can easily keep up longterm.

Therefore, the Coach provides you with daily Coachings and weekly challenges!

The Coachings included in your subscription come with helpful fasting and nutrition, hacks, provide you with your regular dose of motivation and therefore support you in staying accountable with your routine in the long run. You can find them in your personal app feed (Coach tab) and in the fasting tab.

The challenges, suggested to you on a weekly basis have the purpose of helping you build new, healthy relaxation, nutrition, and activity habits.

This not only helps you create a balanced and healthy lifestyle, it also multiplies your fasting progress and supports you in keeping up your results once you reach your goals.


Btw.: The easiest way to manage your challenges is in your personal app feed. Alternatively, you can also find them below your fasting times in the fasting tab.

The secret success hack here?

👉🏼 Make sure to add at least ONE challenge every week (if your motivation is high going for more is fine of course).

If you don’t like the challenge suggestions from the Coach, feel free to choose different ones, but try to create a balanced selection. That’s also what the Coach does. All challenge recommendations aim at providing you with a holistic, balanced composition.

And the next tip may sound trivial, but when it comes to the daily Coachings, it’s important to actually READ them.

Because here’s the deal:

No matter how motivating the Coach’s words are, they won’t help you if they don’t reach you 😉

And: Even if the Coachings come with (mindset) hacks you already knew before, it makes sense to remind yourself of them. This is an effective strategy to internalize the learnings and put them into action.

3. The Recipe Collection

Eating after fasting doesn’t have to be a challenge. Nor does it have to taste boring!

With your subscription, you have access to more than 100 tailored recipes – a yummy and nutrient-rich selection, crafted by our team of nutrition experts.

They cover multiple nutrition styles like vegan, vegetarian or low-carb, are easy to prepare and support your progress.

Another plus: Each recipe comes with valuable nutrition facts and labels that help you find options that fit your preferences.

Our secret success hack when it comes to the recipe feature?

👉🏼 Pay special attention to your pre- and post-fasting meals.

Why is this important? The meals you have before you start a new fasting period and the ones you have directly after finishing a fast play a crucial role in providing essential nutrients, sustaining energy levels, keeping you full, and supporting your metabolism during fasting periods.

Btw: The best way to find adequate meals to break your fast or prepare for your next fasting period is to filter for the tags “before fasting” and “after fasting”.


4. Fasting Plan Creator and SOS Feature

Did you know that the BodyFast app allows you to craft and save your own fasting plans?

You can easily create customized plans from scratch or make adjustments to existing ones, saving them for future use.

Additionally, if you ever feel uncertain about IF or have questions during your fasting journey, you can access a big selection of SOS articles filled with effective instant tips in the help tab of the app.

Our last success hack?

👉🏼 Don’t hesitate to also use the opportunity to get in touch with our dedicated SOS team.

It’s a group of experienced BodyFast team members who are always happy to give you that extra boost of motivation or clear your doubts. You’re not alone in this journey; let us support you when you need it most.



What do you think now, ready to give the Coach a second chance?

If there’s ONE message we wanted to get across on this page, it’s that the more you engage with the Coach features, the more they will empower you to reach your goals.

Give this success package a new try. The Coach is here to guide your fasting; he’s here to make it a personalized, effective, and – most important! – an enjoyable journey 💚

And remember: With the Coach by your side, you’re not just fasting; you’re fasting smarter 👊💪