Health is a journey, not a destination ✨

Let’s keep this momentum going!

We totally get that hitting your goals has been a significant achievement, and major kudos to you for rocking your intermittent fasting journey so far.

Let’s take a look at how other users have found the Coach to work for them long after they have achieved their goals:

And in case that wasn’t inspirational enough, then we have identified three major factors how the Coach may also help YOU to keep up your results permanently on your ongoing health journey:


1. Sticking around beyond goals

Your journey isn’t solely about reaching milestones; it’s about maintaining that forward momentum and extending beyond.

Think of it this way: Achieving your health goals is like embarking on a long road trip. You’ve covered the initial distance, but here’s the catch – keeping those accomplishments intact requires more than just a quick pit stop. It’s about navigating the unpredictable roads, anticipating twists and turns, and making sure your health strategy is not just roadworthy but finely tuned for the extended adventure.

That’s where the Coach comes into play. He helps you navigate the unexpected bends and detours, ensuring a steady course on this continuous route and avoiding the risk of regaining all the weight you’ve lost.


2. The Coach’s blueprint for staying on course

The Coach isn’t just for newbies; it’s your sidekick, even if you’ve already aced your initial goals.

Variety is the spice of life

It’s all about ongoing support, with personalized fasting plans that evolve with your changing needs.

Coach Journeys like “Relaxed Fasting,” “Better Health,” or “Autophagy Booster,” plus over 50 other single-week plans are all great choices to secure your successes and tackle new challenges. Steering clear of weight regain often hinges on introducing diverse fasting routines, a key principle supported by the Coach. As many individuals find crafting their post-goal routine challenging, the Coach steps in as the trusted guide, offering personalized guidance for seamless transitions.

And if you’re feeling confident, the Plan Saver might be the tool that levels up your fasting game. Have you delved into the Coach-exclusive feature allowing you to craft and save your very own fasting plans? Get ready to infuse your unique journey with creativity as you unleash your imagination on naming and designing – we can’t wait to see what you come up with!

Motivation to keep going

The weekly challenges are like little boosts of motivation, keeping you on track and steering clear of old habits. Consistency is the name of the game, and these challenges are your daily dose to keep those positive habits going.

Your personal feed, constantly updated with fresh content, is your go-to for fail-proof hacks and inspo, reminding you of things you might’ve forgotten or not fully embraced yet.

Maintaining progress means keeping your diet enjoyable and nourishing. Our recipe collection is all about making every meal a joy, syncing perfectly with your fasting goals. And here’s the twist – keeping your achievements doesn’t call for a rigid diet. Encourage occasional indulgence and find inspiration in the meal ideas coming with your subscription for the perfect balance.

Support when you need it

And don’t forget: Ongoing support is the key to lasting success. That’s why our Coach subscription hooks you up with priority customer service. Got questions, hurdles, or just need some guidance? Our expert team is ready to roll in, making sure you’re cruising worry-free. Hit up the SOS feature in the “Help” tab of the app and say hello!

Summing it up: Sticking with the Coach means having a dedicated buddy and trusted ally for the long-haul wellness journey.


3. Backed by data insights

Let’s delve into the numbers: Coach users seamlessly sustain their weight long after reaching their goals. The figures speak volumes!

And what came as a little surprise to us: Coach users who stick around post-goal achievement not only maintain their commitment but often spend even more time in the app. This isn’t just a statistic; it’s a testament to their enduring dedication to well-being.

The continuous guidance and adaptive plans are the secret sauce to keeping the success vibes flowing and overall health shining.

While you’ve achieved an incredible milestone, the BodyFast Coach is here to ensure that your success is not a fleeting moment but a lifelong journey. Consider the continuous support, personalized coaching, and the success stories of over 40 million BodyFasters, set against the backdrop of our app’s constant refinement and enhancement.

We are here to support you in every phase of your health journey. Let’s keep it rolling! Are you in?