Maybe it’s too early to give up,…

…after all, it’s never too late to reach your goals!

Weight loss is a journey filled with twists and turns, influenced by factors like water retention, hormones, age, and unique metabolic quirks.

Jumping ship prematurely would be a big mistake.

Because here’s the thing:

Temporary weight gain is a natural part of the ebb and flow in your weight loss journey. The key is to stay focused on that overall downward trend – like the one illustrated in this chart:

Let’s talk about patience (or to be more precise – the lack of it).

Impatience is a nasty trap in terms of progress. In case we caught you with that, you’re not alone! In fact, it’s one of the most common beginners’ mistakes when it comes to intermittent fasting.

And it’s so understandable – after all, we all want to achieve our goals quickly 😉

Before you actually give up on fasting, let’s find out why the app might not have hit the mark for you and how we can flip the script together.



We’ve crafted a holistic strategy that not only includes effective shifts but also shows you how to get the most out of your Coach subscription.


Your simple recipe for success

1️⃣ Connect with your goals

Your journey starts with intent. Set a realistic, achievable goal weight within the app. Outline what success looks like for you, and let the Coach tailor a plan that aligns with your aspirations.

2️⃣ Follow your personal fasting program

The Coach uses the first two fasting weeks of your journey in particular to get to know YOU, your preferences and habits. Based on this information, he will create even better-fitting fasting plans that will bring you to your goals in a super quick and effective way.

What does that mean? It’s worth sticking with your program and not throwing in the towel too early.

3️⃣ Pay special attention to your pre- and post-fasting meals

Find a way to optimize your eating habits in your eating window, to amplify your progress.

Why is this important? Your pre- and post-fasting meals play a crucial role in providing essential nutrients, sustaining energy levels, keeping you full and supporting your metabolism during fasting periods.

How can you achieve this? Explore the recipes included in your subscription; you’ll find a variety of delicious and suitable choices in the recipe tab of the app. The best way to see adequate meals to break your fast or prepare for your new fasting period is to filter for the tags “before fasting” and “after fasting”.

4️⃣ Boost your motivation and progress

Did you notice that with your subscription you have access to weekly challenges and daily Coachings? The challenges are a great way to build new, healthy habits, be it in terms of your nutrition, activity level stress reduction or mindfulness.

The daily Coachings can help you stay motivated longterm (provided you read them 😅) and support you with additional success hacks.

5️⃣ Track your progress right

Weighing alone is (usually) not enough to measure your success since your weight can fluctuate heavily due to temporary hormonal changes, your nutrition or water intake for example.

Use this strategy instead to measure your progress:

  • Weigh yourself max 1x per week – naked and after morning toilet.
  • Take your body measurements 1-2x per month. Chest, waist and hips are a great start. Get help with this.
  • Enter your measurements into the BodyFast app. You’ll find measurement instructions there, too, and you’ll be able to track your progress easily.
  • Numbers aren’t everything. Also watch out for other changes in your skin, digestion, sleep, sense of hunger, and more.
  • Stay realistic and don’t compare yourself to others. Every body is different, not every week is the same. And that’s a good thing!

6️⃣ Embrace the chill

Stress is on of the biggest enemies when it comes to weight loss success because it can hinder fat burning. Kick it out with self-care – a warm bath, yoga, a soothing massage, a nature walk, or a laid-back stroll. Let your body and mind sync up for optimal results.

If you’re looking for a super effective way to build your relaxation routine scroll through the mindfulness challenges available in the app. You’ll find plenty of ideas to help you unwind.

7️⃣ Hit your water goal

Let the app calculate your optimal daily water intake and hit your goal DAILY!

Why drinking enough water is so crucial? In order to burn fat, or more precisely for the chemical process of lipolysis, your body requires water. In short, if you don’t drink enough, the scales won’t move either.

8️⃣ Make patience your silent superpower

We already mentioned it: Impatience can be a sneaky saboteur, especially in fasting.

Always keep in mind that sustainable and healthy weight loss isn’t a sprint; it’s more like a dance with waves. Keep calm, trust the process, and let the Coach be your guide. It evolves with you, offering a personalized experience tailored to your unique journey.


Losing weight does not have to be a fight

…at least not with intermittent fasting and BodyFast! Your BodyFast journey is more than a subscription; it’s a commitment to your well-being and health. It’s about making small changes that ripple into significant results, and the Coach is the optimal sparring partner to amplify your efforts.

What do you think about intermittent fasting with the Coach now? Are you ready to give it another try?

We’d love to accompany you ❤️

Still have questions that you would like to clarify? Use the opportunity to get in touch with our SOS team (another premium feature of your subscription btw, that you can find in the help tab of the app 😉). Our team of experts is happy to support you in your journey.