Hi, I’m Linda!

A few weeks ago I started my weight loss journey with BodyFast and now it’s time to share my progress with you 🙂

What began as a commitment to my weight loss goal has turned into a journey of self-discovery and empowerment. The support from the BodyFast community, coupled with the effectiveness of the program, was the recipe I needed for my success.

Meanwhile I’ve been following the program for 6 weeks, check out what I achieved so far!



My initial hurdles

Before I started this program, I was tired of the endless diet cycles that promised the world but left me feeling defeated.

I felt uncomfortable in my skin after 2 pregnancies and although working out regularly I never managed to achieve lasting weight loss.

I was really frustrated and longing for a sustainable way to finally get back in shape and keep up the results.



Why I chose BodyFast

One of my biggest issues was the notorious yo-yo effect – losing weight only to gain it back later.

BodyFast, however, offered a different approach. It wasn’t just about rapid weight loss; it was about creating lasting habits for lasting results with a personalized program!

I knew I needed guidance and an app that keeps me accountable in the long run and with BodyFast I just found that.


Here are my top 5 reasons why you should do fasting with BodyFast, too:



1. You don’t have to work out necessarily

During a hectic schedule, fitting in a gym session can be challenging. But the surprising truth is, it’s not a must-do for your weight loss success.

In the end, only a small amount of your daily calories is burned through exercise. Working out is beneficial for your health, but the key player in achieving your goals with BodyFast is fasting.

If you still crave more activity, explore the app’s activity challenges to up your movement game.




2. You’ll lose weight in a quick and healthy way

With BodyFast it took me only about 6 weeks to lose a whopping 17 lbs (8 kg).

Back in the day I used to struggle to lose even 5 lbs (2 kg) although I was restricting myself and working out like crazy.

What really did the trick for me was removing the stress and adding IF to my routine. The combination of my personal program, weekly challenges and daily Coachings were the optimal foundation for my success.



3. You can enjoy your favourite treats

Yes, you read that right! Chocolate, burgers, pizza – they’re not off-limits.

With BodyFast you learn to find a balance that works for you. There’s no need to say goodbye to the foods you love in oder to achieve your weight loss goals.

And for those, who want to boost their progress to the max the app provides more than 100 yummy, yet quick-and-easy-to-prepare recipes.




4. You’ll have less cravings and more energy

Constant snacking is stressful for your digestive system, leaving you tired and irritable.

IF changes the game. It helps stabilising your blood sugar levels and prevents cravings while making you feel awake and full of energy. The app takes it up a notch by displaying your current fasting stage.

Seeing e.g. the onset of ketosis has been a major motivator for me, because it reminds me that my body is actively working towards my goals right now.



5. IF can do so much more for you

Fasting isn’t just about weight loss; it’s about transforming your relationship with food and strengthening your physical and mental health.

It’s a powerful tool to boost your willpower and enhance self-confidence while it prevents various diseases.

If you’re more into boosting your health than losing weight you HAVE TO check out the journeys “Immune Power” or “Better Health”. You’ll feel amazing! 🙂





What’s your take on intermittent fasting now?

As you can see, for me it’s been a game-changer and I’m pretty sure that you can achieve the same success. Trust the process, embrace the guidance from the Coach, and watch your success go through the roof!

A last success tip from my side: Also join the BodyFast group on Facebook. Reading the success stories of other members helped me so much staying focused on my goals and the team spirit and readiness to help in the group are just amazing.

Happy BodyFasting,