Losing weight without a diet or a tough exercise program? On top of that more health, fitness and well-being? Results after a short time – that sounds to good to be true? But it is: BodyFast is an enhancement of intermittent fasting, which is promoted by countless medical doctors and researchers, also known as ‘5-2′ or ’16-8’.

That means that you’ll take a break from eating at certain times (e.g. from 8pm to 12am), and in the rest of the time, you may eat what you want. When fasting, you should drink lots of water, tea and coffee without sugar are permitted.

Our coach, which was developed especially for a better fasting experience will analyze your progress and provide you with your optimal fasting method each week. With this personalized approach combined with fitting weekly health challenges and tips for a healthier life you will reach your goals very quickly. Losing weight and feeling healthy was never that easy.

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