Fasting on the Fly: Top Fasting Tips for Travelers

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Traveling is an exciting adventure that many of us look forward to, whether it’s exploring new cities, hiking through the mountains, or a relaxing vacation at a tropical beach. But for those who follow an intermittent fasting lifestyle, being on the move can also be a challenge. Especially people who travel a lot for work have probably experienced this problem.

In this blog post, we’ll show you how to integrate fasting while on the go without sacrificing your goals and process.

Why you don’t have to give up your fasting routine when traveling

To be fair: Between jet lag, unfamiliar surroundings, and unpredictable day schedules, it can get difficult to stick to your fasting routine. But the good news is, with a little planning, it’s possible to continue fasting while exploring the world or traveling for work.

After all, if there’s one advantage to intermittent fasting as a lifestyle, it is that it is incredibly flexible!

Here are our top fasting tips for busy travelers:

1. Adjust your fasting schedule to your travel plans

The BodyFast app is a useful companion for your travel adventures. Before starting your trip, look for a fasting plan that fits your travel plans as much as possible.

There are currently over 50 different fasting plans in the app, including 14-10, 16-8 or 18-6. 14-10, for example, has the advantage that it can be combined easily with half board bookings. You don’t have to miss out on the breakfast buffet or dinner at the hotel.

Of course, you can also customize your fasting plan with the BodyFast plan editor, and if a fasting day doesn’t suit you at all or you have to make spontaneous changes, you have the option of setting a Joker day.

Plus: In the special plans section of the app you can find the plan “Take a week break”. This plan allows you to have a fasting-free week while still providing you with challenges. So, you don’t lose your progress but still get stimuli for your health.

2. Be mindful of time zone changes

If you’re traveling across time zones, it can be challenging to stick to your fasting schedule. When you arrive at your destination, try to adjust your eating and fasting times gradually to accommodate the time difference. Intermittent fasting is all about flexibility, so don’t be afraid to rearrange your fasting windows as needed.

Also taking a break from fasting to give your body the chance to overcome the jet lag is totally fine. You can resume your routine as soon as you feel ready for it.

3. Stay hydrated

It’s essential to stay hydrated while fasting, especially when you’re traveling. Therefore, bring along a reusable water bottle that you can refill whenever necessary. If the bottle is empty, you won’t have any problems getting through the security check at the airport. Also on your holiday adventures the bottle will be a useful companion.

Drinking plenty of water will not only help you feel more alert and energized, but it can also help keep hunger at bay and reduce cravings.

4. Be active

Traveling can be a great opportunity to explore new places and stay active. Consider walking or biking instead of taking taxis or public transportation for sightseeing. This can help you burn some extra calories and supports your fasting progress.

Especially if you’re treating yourself to a rather sedentary beach holiday, small exercise sessions are worth their weight in gold. Whether you go for a morning run or a yoga session in your hotel room, including some activities will give you an energy kick during your fast. Plus, it can be a great way to explore your new surroundings.

However, always listen to your body’s signals and don’t overexert yourself when exercising on an empty stomach.

5. Eat consciously

When you break your fast, try to focus on nutrient-dense foods that are high in protein and healthy fats. Those will support your progress while keeping you full and satisfied longer.

You can usually find such options at the hotel buffet as well. To support your progress with favorable choices at the hotel buffet, opt for foods like fresh fruits and vegetables, protein sources like chicken, fish or tofu, salads, and clear broth soups. Also pay attention to a conscious consumption of alcohol.

And if you’re spending your vacation in a holiday apartment and have access to a kitchen, preparing your fast-breaking meals is also an option. Check out the BodyFast app for recipes that are yummy, nutrient-rich and only take up a few minutes of your precious vacation time. We’ve put together the optimal fast-breaking strategy for you here.

When you’re planning to eat out do some research before to find local restaurants and food options that align with your dietary preferences.

And don’t get us wrong: You don’t have to be super strict about your diet on holiday. Fasting allows you to enjoy your favourite treats without having to feel guilty about it. So, don’t skip those culinary treats during your holiday, but enjoy them consciously. Find a middle ground that works for you.

6. Be kind to yourself

Remember, fasting while traveling can be challenging, and it’s okay to slip up from time to time, especially on the day of arrival and departure. In the end, the most important thing is that you have a good time while traveling. And that includes treating yourself and taking spontaneous opportunities when they arise.

Therefore, breaks from fasting are absolutely ok, after all, you can resume your routine at any time.

How to hit the road and your goals with fasting

When traveling you don’t have to be afraid of losing your progress. Nor do you have to give up on your goals! Small adjustments here and there are usually all it takes to make your routine work when on the move.

So pack your bags, hit the road, and embrace the adventure! Happy traveling 🙂

Ready to find the optimal fasting plan for your next trip? It’s waiting for you in the BodyFast app – together with delicious recipes tailored to your fasting lifestyle, supportive weekly tasks, daily motivational Coachings, and more.


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