Wie funktioniert Intervallfasten?

Beim Intervallfasten verzichtest du mehrmals pro Woche für eine begrenzte Zeitspanne auf Essen und gibst deinem Körper eine Auszeit.

Diese Pause kurbelt Prozesse in deinem Körper an, die beim Abnehmen helfen, die Gesundheit stärken und das Wohlbefinden steigern.

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    • Jenny M. Autor des BeitragsAntworten

      Hello Peter!

      There is no general answer to that, it depends on your personal schedule, habits and preferences. If you decide to skip breakfast and have lunch as first meal of the day as many other fasters do, it can make sense to fast from 8PM to 12PM (if you want to follow the 16-8 plan).

      But that’s something you should try for yourself to find your way 🙂

    • Jenny M. Autor des BeitragsAntworten

      In order to ensure a restful sleep, we recommend to not eat heavy meals in the evening. If you have a meal rich in carbs and/or raw veggies, for example, your body will be very busy digesting the food in the night which may result in poor sleep.

      Try to have a light meal with plenty of protein not to close to bed time (at least 2 hrs before). This should help you in having a good sleep and staying full for a long time.

    • Jenny M. Autor des BeitragsAntworten

      Supplements as well as sweeteners (like e.g. honey, but also non-caloric ones) should only be taken in your eating window in order not to break your fast. If it’s medication prescribed by your doctor, please take it as advised and/or ask him/her for the best time to take it.

    • Christian Mall Antworten

      Hi there, are you referring to the La Croix sparkling waters? During your fasting period, we recommend only drinking water (still or carbonated), tea (non-flavored herbal teas), or coffee (black) without any additives. So we wouldn’t recommend adding lemon to your water to make sure that you don’t break your fast. Happy BodyFasting! 😊

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