The Best Shopping Tips for Successful Fasting

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Our shopping cart is often full of things we actually know we shouldn’t buy! But sometimes, it isn’t easy to make healthy and conscious food choices in the supermarket.

We’ll show you how to improve your shopping behavior. This way you not only strengthen your health and save money but also boost your success with intermittent fasting.


Why the supermarket is the starting point of a conscious and healthy diet

The supermarket is where you set the course for how you nourish yourself. After all, everything you buy ends up on your plate. That goes for both the amount and variety of food you buy.

So if you put a lot of healthy items like fresh fruits and vegetables in your basket, chances are high that you’ll eat a lot of healthy fruits and vegetables. Of course, the same is true in reverse: for convenience foods, snacks and sweets.


Here are the 7 best strategies for grocery shopping

1. Make a plan!

Before you go to the supermarket think about what you want to eat and when. Plus check if there are groceries you already have at home. Then make a shopping list. This way you can do your weekly grocery shopping more quickly and will only buy what you really need.

2. Don’t go shopping when hungry!

If you enter the supermarket being hungry, you will most likely grab things you didn’t want to buy. Therefore, when doing intermittent fasting, it’s best to schedule your visit to the supermarket during your eating time. This way you prevent hoarding and save money.

3. The fresher the better!

Harvest time, transport, storage time and storage conditions have a big impact on nutrient levels. This is especially true for fruits and vegetables. The fresher your food, the higher your nutrient intake. Seasonal and regional products are usually richer in vitamins thanks to short transport. It’s always worth taking a look at the seasonal calendar.

4. Frozen food is a good alternative!

Frozen foods are harvested at the optimal time and then shock-frozen. This preserves many valuable ingredients. Buy in advance and you will always have something healthy in your freezer that can be prepared quickly.

5. Stock up wisely!

When it comes to dried foods and canned goods, take a close look! It’s worth checking the label to avoid added sugar, salt, preservatives etc. As a general rule, stocking up makes your day easier. For example, if you have rolled oats, plant-based milk (which can be kept much longer than milk from cows) and frozen berries on stock, you can quickly and easily prepare a delicious and wholesome breakfast.

6. Pay attention when buying beverages!

Water is the best choice. It’s calorie-free, rich in minerals (depending on its composition), and if the tap water quality in your region is high, you don’t even have to buy bottled water. Leave sugary drinks on the shelf – by the way, this doesn’t just apply to fasting. If you’d like to learn about the effects of blood sugar levels on your weight loss success tap here. Tea is always a good choice as well!

7. Focus on quality instead of quantity!

Choosing seasonal, region and organic products has a lot of advantages:

  • Shorter transportation improves taste and nutrient density. Plus it’s good for our environment.
  • You’ll promote transparency of manufacturing conditions and support local farms.
  • The better the quality, the healthier it is, as there is no pollution from pesticides and the like.
  • You’ll cook with fresher ingredients and have more variety on your plate.


Intermittent fasting success starts in your shopping basket

Admittedly: It’s not easy to get it all right. Nevertheless, a different awareness in the supermarket is already half the battle! So if you manage to choose your foods in a more structured and conscious way, you have achieved a lot and can be proud of yourself! And success is sure to come!


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