Top 7 Relaxation Techniques to Boost Your Fasting Success


Many of us long for slowing down in our stressful everyday lives. At the same time, we want to achieve our intermittent fasting goals! How to reconcile both?

In this blog post, you’ll learn why stress relief is important for your intermittent fasting success. You’ll also get the best tips on how to slow down easily.


Why slowing down is key

It’s not that easy to slow down in everyday life. At work, we rush from one appointment to the next. Lunch breaks are always far too short, and household chores are waiting for us at home. It’s no surprise that essential needs quickly fall by the wayside!

The big problem: If you don’t consciously take time for yourself it can have a negative effect on your health. If you are stressed a lot and don’t do anything about it, you will even sabotage your intermittent fasting success!

Some of the typical consequences of excessive stress include

  • sleep problems,
  • permanent exhaustion and fatigue,
  • cardiovascular diseases,
  • digestive problems,
  • difficulties concentrating,
  • mental illnesses such as depression or burn-out,
  • feelings of tiredness and irritability.

The good news: It’s up to you! With the right measures, you can do a lot to bring more relaxation into your life. Here’s a how to.


The 7 best strategies to slow down and relax

1. Take breaks regularly

Even if you have a lot to do and seem to have no time for a break: Pay attention to your body’s signals and allow yourself some time to rest.

If you ignore signs of fatigue your body reacts by releasing stress hormones (e.g. cortisol) to maintain your performance against all odds. In the short term, this might seem quite convenient. However, a permanent release of cortisol – e.g. in the case of chronic overload – can have negative effects, e.g. on your ability to concentrate and your sleep!

By the way: Studies have shown that regular breaks have a performance-enhancing effect. This means that you don’t “lose” time with a little downtime, because you make up for it with more efficient work!

2. Do something that makes you happy every day

Even small things bring a lot of joy! For example, consciously treat yourself to an episode of your favorite show, a walk in the sun or a coffee date with your best friend. The main thing is that it makes you happy and helps you recharge your batteries.

Our tip: It’s best to make plans for your daily “happiness booster” in the morning. Then you’ll have something to look forward to throughout the day.

3. Take a digital break

Thanks to smartphones, laptops and the like, we are exposed to a constant flood of information. We are permanently reachable and are often under pressure to miss something. This means stress and prevents us from relaxing.

Take an hour every day in which you consciously switch off all devices. No cell phone, no phone, no laptop, and no TV. Instead: take a relaxing me-time. Or try turning on your cell phone only 1 hour after you get up! This makes a big difference!

4. Learn to say “no”

Sure, you’re willing to help and do favors for others. But at some point, we all reach the point where we need to think about ourselves and our own well-being!

Realize that you are allowed to say no sometimes, without feeling guilty. You are the most important person in your life.

5. Connect with nature

A simple but effective tip: Go out every day.

The park around the corner, the forest on the outskirts of town, or the riverbanks – nature has been proven to have a balancing effect on humans. Just 10 minutes a day are enough to effectively relieve stress!

6. Avoid multitasking

Making phone calls, checking emails at the same time, cooking while planning the next day – we often do lots of things at the same time.

However, doing several things at the same time is only effective at first glance. On the contrary, it can lead to inner tension and stress. Consciously take time for each task and complete them at your own pace. This way you will have a more relaxed day.

7. Practice mindfulness with intermittent fasting

Intermittent fasting is also an effective tool for bringing more tranquility and mindfulness into your everyday life.

Conscious breaks from eating help you to slow down. After a while you will develop a better sense for your needs. You start to reflect more on YOURSELF and on what is important to YOU.


Learning to relax for more happiness and success with intermittent fasting

As you can see, there are many ways to take the pressure out of your everyday life and relax.

If you’re wondering how to realize all those tips, don’t let yourself get confused! With intermittent fasting you have already laid the foundation for more mindfulness and less stress. You can now build on this.

The most important thing is: Have the courage to make yourself a priority. Include conscious relaxation time in your daily routine. This will give you new energy and allow you to go through life more easily. By the way, you will reach your goals with intermittent fasting faster and with less stress, this is a promise!


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    Interesting and helpful, I have never done intermittent fasting before so reading the tips was a good thing for me to do thank you 👍

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