How can I customize my fasting plan?

You can adjust your fasting plan at any time before you start or during the ongoing week. To do this, use the plan editor, which you open by clicking on “Change times” below your fasting plan.

You can then adjust the timing and length of your fasting periods, add new or delete old ones.

2 thoughts on “How can I customize my fasting plan?

  1. Felice Zoota-Lucero Reply

    I’m trying to add periods for the new week and it will not let me go beyond Friday and it is the day before. It also will not let me start my fast time for Friday at 10:30 PM. It will only let me start the first time for Friday at a maximum of 10 PM. I simply cannot get it to let me choose Saturday for the end of Friday nights fast.

    • Lara Reply

      Hello Felice, 🤗
      It sounds as if you are having problems with the application. Please contact An employee will help you to adjust your fasting periods. To describe your problem in more detail, it would help if you send a screenshot.

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