What is a Joker day?

With the Coach you can have a Joker day and take a break once a week if necessary.

All outstanding fasting periods will then be pushed back by one day.

10 thoughts on “What is a Joker day?

    • Valerie Dratwa Reply

      Hola Juan,
      En tu día comodín no tienes que ayunar y puedes comer cuando quieras. Sin embargo, la semana se prolonga un día más, para que se respeten todos los tiempos de ayuno del programa y puedan producirse los efectos positivos.:)

  1. Miguel Sánchez Reply

    Buenos días mi pregunta es yo voy al gym regularmente alas 5:00 am me quiero tomar mi proteína después del ejercicio pero es mi hora de ayuno puedo yo cambiar las horas de ayuno o que me aconsejas gracias

    • Jenny M. Post authorReply

      Sí, por supuesto que puedes ajustar los tiempos de ayuno para que se ajusten a tu rutina personal. Esa es la belleza del ayuno intermitente: se adapta a tu vida, no al revés.

    • Valerie Dratwa Reply

      Hello Lauren,
      a joker day is simply a day on which you don’t have to follow any schedule. This means taking a break from fasting.:)

    • Valerie Dratwa Reply

      Hello Joyce, for fasts up to 24 hours we don’t recommend any special kinds of foods to break your fast. As intermittent fasting should become your daily routine, we recommend to listen to your body and to take notice which kinds of foods feel good after a fast and which don’t. Usually you can eat whatever you like after an intermittent fasting period but it’s always important to notice the difference in your body, your energy levels and also in your mood after certain kinds of foods.:)

    • Christian Mall Reply

      Yes, you can 😊 A joker day is a day on which you take a break from fasting, meaning that you can eat and drink whatever you want. However, we advise not to see these days as “cheat days”, meaning that you should still eat in moderation and listen to your body.

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