Why Excessive Ambition is Bad for Your Weight Loss Success

Why_Excessive_Ambition_Bad_for_Weight Loss Success

Everyone who starts something new is ambitious in the beginning and ready to give it their all!

This is what we often see with people who start their intermittent fasting journey. But does the principle “the more the better” really apply?

In this article you will learn why too much ambition and discipline is counterproductive when fasting. We also have some tips for you to help you get started.


Why LESS is MORE when it comes to intermittent fasting

Maybe this is how the situation is for you, too: You’ve just downloaded the app. You’re fully motivated and started your first week with a challenging fasting plan. After all, you want to see quick results on the scales, right?

As time goes by, you realize that something must be wrong: Actually, you should have lost weight already. After all, you are sticking to your plan, fighting your way through long fasting periods and paying attention to some extra physical activity!

But somehow it doesn’t work out the way you imagined. In addition, you feel very irritable and extremely tired… Does this sound familiar?

The most important message upfront: You are not alone.

The scenario described above shows that the principle “the more the better” simply doesn’t work when it comes to intermittent fasting.

If you pull all the levers at the same time, you put yourself under too much pressure and thwart yourself!

Physical problems are a common result. These include, for example, …

  • poor sleep,
  • chronic fatigue,
  • menstrual cycle problems,
  • severe mood swings,
  • a lack of energy,
  • other hormonal problems.

What you need to know: Fasting means stress for your body at first, even if it’s exactly this stress that is ultimately responsible for all the positive effects. If you are still at the very beginning, even going without breakfast can be a challenge for your body.

If other factors such as emotional stress, calorie calculations and a large calorie deficit intervene, your body will do what it knows best:

It reacts and switches to survival mode. That means stress hormones flood your system and your body stops burning fat.


How to channel your ambition when intermittent fasting

Here are a few tips to help you avoid going down the dead-end road:

1. Take it down a notch

Sure, a pinch of discipline is part of the equation. Motivation is never a bad thing. But just take it one step at a time. Don’t change everything at once (less sugar, less meat, more physical activity, etc.).

For now, just focus on sticking to your fasting times. 14-10 or 16-8 are particularly suitable for beginners. Or you start with the Beginner Program provided by the Coach.

Keeping your times will start an automatic process. After a short time you will be able to put your plans into action more easily. You’ll develop a different awareness of yourself and your body’s needs.

2. Manage your stress

Stress is your body’s natural reaction to challenging situations. At the same time, it can negatively affect your weight loss success.

So think about what you can do to give yourself and your body some rest.

How about a nap, a walk in the woods, or a back massage? Whatever helps you relax: Take some time for yourself and unwind.

3. Eat nutritiously

Often it’s little things that make THE difference and provide that extra dose of nutrients when it come to your food choices .

For example, you can swap white rice for brown, snack fresh veggies and nuts instead of crisps, or replace sweets with fruit. For healthy snack ideas, feel free to read our blog post on the topic.

4. Drink enough water

Water plays an extremely important role in your body. For example, it serves as a means of transport, removes waste products from your body, and brings nutrients to your cells. It is also important for cell growth and acts as a catalyst to ensure that metabolic processes can take place.

Drinking enough water is therefore an important requirement if you want to lose weight with intermittent fasting! You should have 30-40ml of water per kg of body weight (0.5 oz. per pound). In the BodyFast app, you can calculate your recommended water intake, track your water consumption and even get reminders. This will make it easier for you to drink plenty of water.

5. Don’t compare yourself to others

On your way, you will always meet people who seem to lose weight faster and easier. But no one’s journey is always straightforward.

Therefore, an important tip: Try to focus on yourself and your path. Put on the blinders and focus on YOUR goal. The only comparison you should make is with yourself.

This is how you become an (intermittent fasting) hero

With BodyFast we want to introduce you to intermittent fasting in a gentle way. This includes accompanying you effectively AND sustainably on your way to more health and well-being.

Always listen to your body, treat it well and take care of yourself. This is how you will become an (intermittent fasting) hero.


You can find suitable plans for a gentle start to intermittent fasting in the BodyFast app.


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    • Valerie Dratwa Reply

      Olá Paulo, Estamos felizes por você ter escolhido o BodyFast para iniciar sua história de jejum de intervalos.
      Aqui estão algumas dicas para ajudar você a começar.
      Escolha um plano fácil, tal como: 14-10 ou 16-8, para que seu corpo possa se acostumar ao jejum.
      Beba água suficiente, ocupe-se de coisas importantes durante seus tempos de jejum para se distrair.
      Ouça música, vá dar uma caminhada ou encontre-se com seus amigos. 🙂

      Espero que estas poucas dicas o ajudem 🙂

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