3 Ways to Reach Your Intermittent Fasting Goals Quicker


Do you know this situation? Year after year, you promise yourself that from now on you’ll do things differently, even better. But although your motivation is high, you break your resolutions soon and your goal is slipping ever further into the distance…

With these three tips you increase your chances of really reaching your goals with intermittent fasting:


1. Don’t change too much at once.

Change is a process. Take one step at a time. Start by sticking to your fasting plan; you can adopt a healthier diet or more exercise later, when your body has become used to the changes coming with fasting.

Really: Impatience is the biggest intermittent fasting mistake!


2. Celebrate even small achievements.

Sure, we all would like to reach our desired weight today rather than tomorrow. But your journey holds so much more than just numbers. Pay conscious attention to the changes, no matter how small they are. Or how you feel:

  • You have more energy? Great!
  • Your skin is clearer? Fine!
  • Your pants fit better? Excellent!

Be grateful for every little change! Because progress is true success.


3. Get support.

Of course, no one can achieve your goals fin your place. But motivating words, a nice compliment or good advice from like-minded people can encourage you in your resolutions.

Our Facebook group is a great example of this. Many things are easier when working together! Here is the link to the group.


Support also awaits you with our Coach: personalized fasting plans, weekly tasks for healthy habits, and daily tips and motivation for your journey to better health and well-being.



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