How to avoid the biggest intermittent fasting mistake

Is it also your aim to lose as much weight as quickly as possible with intermittent fasting? Somehow we are all impatient when it comes to achieving our goals. That’s quite normal, however, motivation often falls by the wayside.

Sometimes even your body goes on strike! Yes, it’s true: Impatience is the number one rookie mistake when it comes to intermittent fasting.


Here are the best tips on how to lose weight with intermittent fasting effectively:

1. Take time for yourself

Many people underestimate that intermittent fasting means a lot of stress for the body: Consequently, if several stress factors come together, the strain can become too great. With conscious recovery breaks, you do something for your stress level, support your body, lower your stress hormones and increase your fat burning.

How about a walk in nature, taking a deep breath, or reading a book? Do something that helps you to relax, preferably on a daily basis.

2. Take time to eat

The best thing about intermittent fasting is that merely the fact that you are fasting changes your relationship with food. Often you automatically eat in a more conscious way. Take your time when eating and learn to enjoy your food consciously again!

By doing so, you will not only change your eating behaviour, also your digestion will improve and your food will taste much better!

3. Give yourself and your body some time

Patience is the magic word. Yes, you’ve probably heard that a hundred times. Nevertheless, for lasting success, you need a little patience and a different awareness.

Losing weight with intermittent fasting works, but weight loss often comes in waves. So, if nothing happens for 14 days, don’t go crazy. Keep at it!

The scale is not the best way to measure your success!

It is heavily influenced by monthly fluctuations (for women) and X other factors. Here‘s a post about that very topic.

What works much better is

  • measuring your circumferences. Have you seen that you can log your circumferences in the BodyFast app? That way you can keep track of your real progress.
  • checking your clothes. A simple tip, but often more effective than stepping on the scales. Pay conscious attention to if and where your clothes fit better!
  • to focus on other fasting benefits. For example, what has changed in terms of your skin, sleep, inner peace and concentration? Also those changes can be seen as success!

This is how to avoid the most common beginner’s mistake when starting intermittent fasting:

Be patient, don’t stress yourself, take your time and celebrate your success!

This is how you can achieve weight loss with intermittent fasting, and so much more!


Ready to start your fasting journey? Find the optimal fasting plan, delicious recipes tailored to your fasting lifestyle, supportive weekly tasks, daily motivational coachings, and more in the BodyFast app.


8 thoughts on “How to avoid the biggest intermittent fasting mistake

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  2. Angela Jansen Reply

    I’m on the downhill end of week 6 of my fasting. I’ve lost 15.6 lbs and 5” in my waist, 2” in my bust and 4” in my hips and I feel absolutely great. I had to get my brain on track with the fact that I would be ok if I didn’t eat ever so often. I was eating purely out of habit, but since I’ve got my body and brain on the same train so to speak it’s going so very good. Plus when I eat I eat more protein instead of only starches and carbs. Lol.. I still eat those but not as much. I feel great since I’ve started this. You can do it if I can do it

    • Valerie Dratwa Reply

      Hello Angela,
      thank you for sharing your amazing progress and success with us. It is incredible to hear that you have noticed how versatile intermittent fasting impacts your life and habits. 🙂
      We are happy that our app is helping you to achieve your goals and accompagnies you on your new lifestyle!

  3. Cathy Smith Reply

    Angela, thank you for the pep talk!! Just when I needed it. I am in the middle of my third week and my longest fast. I’m feeling much better, more relaxed. I lost a few pounds early in my journey—some have returned but I’m ok with that as my clothes are fitting so much better!! Soon I will need to shop for smaller clothes as there ones I own now are getting quite loose. Anyone starting out, stick with it. The dividends are worth it. 😊

  4. Domenic Calabrese Reply

    I just started my first fast (14-10). I’m on day 3 and feel a little cranky in the morning before breaking the fast. My body almost feels like it’s coming down with a cold or something, I don’t know how to explain it. Self-motivation and discipline has always been difficult for me. I’ve always been thin or average. Over the past year (since I turned 40), I’ve put on 40-50lbs! I feel like I’m in a different body and am not sure how to lose it. My diet has always been 2000cal or less/day. I do brisk walking to get my steps in but am otherwise sedentary. I’d like to do more physical exercise but have developed knee pain that acts as a barrier. Thanks for the app and all this useful info. I’m going to be patient with myself and continue!! All the best to everyone working with these same issues.

    • Christian Mall Reply

      Hi Domenic, if you’re experiencing symptoms that feel like having a cold, we would recommend that you take a break from fasting and to resume fasting once you feel better again. If the symptoms don’t go away, we would recommend that you talk to your doctor about the situation. It’s also important to not feel discouraged. You can be proud of yourself! Don’t feel pressured and instead make sure to give your body the time it needs. Your health should always be the number 1 priority. We wish you all the best! 🙏

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