Intermittent Fasting Fails: 7 Mistakes You Need to Avoid

Intermittent fasting is very easy. At certain times, you eat nothing. You only drink water or unsweetened tea or coffee. The effects on your body weight are enormous, as described in some other articles on But there are still some mistakes you can do which may delay your success or even might prevent it. You’ll find the main mistakes below.

1. You have the wrong expectations

Intermittent fasting primarily focuses on adjusting the body to a new rhythm: The body can take a conscious, small break from (abundant) food. Be patient. Over the years, the body has become accustomed to receiving food whenever it asks for it. This source of energy has been suddenly taken from it for a certain time. First, it has to deal with this change and this may delay results initially! Maybe you feel discouraged after just a few days, when the initial visual results are not immediately apparent. It is common for the body to take at least two weeks to acclimate! Furthermore, when you start fasting, your body fills shrinking fat cells with water, which can lead to weight fluctuations. With the following “whoosh effect”, you’ll lose weight. Our info graphic gives you the details:

Intermittent fasting and fat loss - BodyFast info graphic

2. You (still) eat too much!

No matter which dieting method you choose to reduce body fat, the goal is to achieve a caloric deficit. The same goal applies to intermittent fasting! According to many guides, it seems as if the caloric value is completely insignificant during the phase. However, too much food will always be turned into fat and become apparent in the form of unpleasing fat deposits. Intermittent fasting only works, if you eat mindfully during the phases of food intake. This means that the individual should not overeat, but consume normal portion sizes and choose healthy foods if possible. Here you find an easy system to determine the right amount of calories.

3. You eat the wrong things

Those who give in to their appetite following a fasting phase and consume unhealthy foods uncontrollably are ruining their successful weight-loss plan. As with any diet, you should not only watch the amount, but also the quality of your food intake. A balanced diet without too much sugar is one of the easiest ways to reach your goal weight. When you implement intermittent fasting, it is also very important to adjust your dieting plan to the new rhythm. This will ensure that you prevent ravenous appetite attacks and guarantee your body that it will be supplied with the necessary nutrients. The BodyFast intermittent fasting app smart coach is doing this for you, but you can also manually adjust the times of each week of fasting to fit your daily routine.

4. Insufficient preparation

Losing weight successfully, requires well thought out preparation. As previously mentioned, it is very important to pay attention to the quality and quantity of the food intake. A weekly meal plan and shopping-list will help you track your nutrition. This way you can avoid foods with high caloric value (especially foods with sugar) that you would either consume immediately after you buy them or that you keep handy at home. Alcohol consumption must be adjusted further. Only water, unsweetened tea and black coffee are allowed during the fasting phase. Ideally, you want to plan in advance. This way you can reduce or eliminate luxury foods such as alcohol or coffee with sugar from your diet instead of trying to eliminate them when you start fasting. This can quickly lead to withdrawal symptoms, headache and stress. However, with a little bit of patience, symptoms will pass rather quickly and should not keep you from fasting! The positive effects will reward you.

5. You don’t exercise enough

Those who want to lose weight the healthy way, should exercise as well. Physical activity promotes the development of muscle mass, for which a high amount of energy is used. Should you decide to remain inactive during your intermittent fasting to save energy, you achieve the following: Your metabolism may need less energy so that it will turn energy into fat cells. At the same time, muscle mass may be reduced, as the body no longer requires it. Regular physical activity boosts the metabolism as well as fat burning processes. Regular walks, jogging or strength training at the gym is all compatible with intermittent fasting. Allow your body to take some time to adjust. It will happen quickly. Soon you will feel fitter, more toned, and slimmer. Weekly BodyFast challenges will help you to stay fit and to promote the integration of activity in your daily routine. Challenges are suggested to you by the Coach and are optional.

6. You limit your everyday life too much

Not all forms of intermittent fasting fits every daily routine. Sometimes there are unexpected appointments or events. For this reason, intermittent fasting allows for flexiblity of 1 to 2 hours. This should not become the norm and you should observe consistency of the food intake and fasting phases. Nevertheless, you should not limit yourself too much and it is important to keep up your perseverance, motivation, and interest in the fasting program.

7. You choose a fasting method which doesn’t fit to your life

Your current version of intermittent fasting might not fit your lifestyle particularly if the new rhythm is difficult to get used to. 5/2, 16/8 or 10in2 intermittent fasting can be accomplished by following various meal and fasting rhythms. If one version does not work for you, it is worthwhile trying a different one.


Ready to find the fasting routine that fits your everyday life? Get your personalized plan, delicious recipes tailored to your fasting lifestyle, supportive weekly tasks, daily motivational Coachings, and more in the BodyFast app.

168 thoughts on “Intermittent Fasting Fails: 7 Mistakes You Need to Avoid

  1. Magriet Reply

    Good day
    Just purchased a three month trail with a coach. Looking forward to the challange.
    Will there be any sort of guidelines of what type of food i should eat to get best benefits…
    Please let me know.
    Will there be a prpgramme fore to plan ahead…
    Working away from home and meed to pack in meals .
    Thank you

    • Patrick Post authorReply

      Dear Magriet, thanks for your comment and for trying the Coach! Please read our FAQ for all questions concerning the Coach. You’ll find everything there. Best wishes!

    • Colleen Julies Reply

      Hi Magriet

      I have started BodyFast last week and are in two minds about trying the coach. What has been your experience, would you recommend it?


      • Patrick Post authorReply

        The Coach is an intelligent fasting algorithm our team has developed in 1.5 years. If you need support from a live person, you can always ask our experienced team for any questions around intermittent fasting and the app.

        What is the Coach?
        The BodyFast Coach creates an individual fasting week plan for you, based on your input like age, progress and weight goal. The varying and individual fasting plans of the BodyFast Coach orientate themselves on the genetically programmed natural eating habits of human beings.

        The weekly Coach plans offer a great variety and challenges the standard dieting and fasting methods. For example, with the popular “16-8 fasting”, you skip breakfast or dinner but the fasting intervals and times always remain the same. A habituation effect often occurs in that way of fasting. If you skip breakfast or dinner every day you will of course experience positive effects. However, following the same fasting program may result in falling back into old patterns and losing interest. The body will also adapt to the new eating habit which follows the same pattern every day and thus the results will lessen.

        In contrast, Coach users get a different fasting plan every week – with varying intervals and fasting times, depending on the individual’s daily routine, availability, progress and goals. The greater variety provided by the Coach pushes the human body even more but people swear by the results. Coach fasting results in faster weight loss, but also in more resilience and flexibility.

        Weekly Challenges
        The individual Coach plans additionally provide weekly challenges, like physical activity or light workouts (walking, jogging, taking the stairs instead of the elevator, etc.). Users are confronted with new stimuli every week. Additional wellness and mindfulness tasks promote serenity and balance. This ensures a lot of motivation and variety to reach the health and weight-loss goals without frustration or boredom. BodyFast aims to provide a holistic experience that not only supports health, healing, and well-being but also brings even more peace into one’s everyday life.

        Coach-Users have even more advantages:
        + They may choose manually out of over 50 effective fasting week plans
        + The Coach sets weekly challenges in the areas of fitness and health which lead to a healthier lifestyle. This way, Coach users reach their goals even quicker.
        + Coach- users can set a joker day every week and take a break from fasting. This brings more flexibility to the schedule and the week plan will be prolonged by one day.

        • Roxana Dumitru Reply

          Hello, I have purchased myself the 3 months plan, but I have not received yet any plan from the Coach. When should I expect to receive it?

          • Jenny M.

            Hi Roxana!

            In case you had a running fasting plan while purchasing the subscription, you’ll be able to access the Coach features after ending or aborting the plan.
            For any further questions please don’t hesitate to reach out to our customer support team:

            Thanks and happy BodyFasting!

      • Emili Reply

        Weight loss is something 100% possible when you are well informed with content of this type that helps many people like us, who seek a correct answer to our questions.

    • Kiesha Reply

      Hello, I’m just starting my fast(as of yesterday) and I wanted to know if I can chew gum during my fasting period? I’m not sure if this is a silly question or not. Thanks!!

      • Svenja Taubert Reply

        Hi Kiesha, thanks for your request.

        The problem with chewing gum:

        + Whether chewing gum tends to stimulate or diminish appetite has not yet been clarified. There are hints to both directions.
        + Chewing gum contains a number of synthetic substances that contradict the meaning of fasting. The aim of fasting is to relieve, detoxify and cleanse your body. So chewing gum is counterproductive.

        In addition to that:
        + You should also reduce or avoid sugar and sweet drinks during the meal periods – and then only enjoy directly after eating to calm your insulin levels. This also reduces hunger attacks.
        + The same applies to sweeteners – these can throw your blood sugar levels off track and cause increased hunger and discomfort.

        I hope this helps!

  2. Ruth Jensen Reply

    Good day,
    I am on IF with a coach since 1 month, and I think I got through every fasting period very disciplined.
    I am a night person, sometimes I go to bed 2.00 or 3.00 in the “morning” and get up 9.00 or 10.00 am. So, my last fasting periods have been 24 hour (12am – 12am). Since I am still up when my eating window opens, and I am very hungry, I start eating before I go to bed. If I wouldn’t eat, the fasting period would be longer than 24 hours, since I would have breakfast 9.00 or 10.00 am. So, I am confused, am I allowed to eat that late after the Fasting period before going to sleep? I also have to say, I didn’t loose any weight the last couple weeks, Could this be that?
    Thank you.
    R. Jensen

    • Patrick Post authorReply

      Dear Ruth, after the fasting periods you can eat, also if it is nighttime!

      + If you didn’t lose weight, you should consider prolonging your fasting hours or fasting more often. That’s what our Coach does – he adjusts your fasting plans according to your goals and progress. But you can also choose a different week plan manually.
      + Intermittent fasting is no fast “wonder diet” which often leads to a yo-yo effect. It is a long-term change of your eating habits. That’s why weight loss can take some time.
      + In the eating periods you shouldn’t overeat – or eat more than you would usually eat without fasting.
      + If you have acute food cravings: stay active, go for a walk, meet friends and drink lots of water (to glasses are recommended).
      + You should avoid sugar and sweetened drinks also in the eating periods. If you really want to eat sugar, then directly after a larger meal, to let your blood sugar regulate itself better. This also reduces the hunger during fasting periods.

    • Mari Reply

      Hi Ruth, I am like you with my hours. Forensic Files/I D Channel keeps me awake till 1 am/2 am. Nonetheless, I have tried all forms of the fasting programs, and the easiest & sensible one that works for me is following it from 11 am – 7 pm daily. Here are a few tips that is making fasting so easy for me: BEFORE starting to eat, drink 16 ounces of water. You need 20-minutes (at least) for the water to settle in your stomach. Then begin eating. Do not drink water during eating cuz it messes with your digestive system. Walking at least 10 minutes a day is do-able, otherwise keep busy around your lifestyle (clean, dust, wash something, movement is what you want.). Lastly, you would be surprised how many people who are trying to lose extra pounds who don’t know how certain foods break down in their body! You can learn this easily online. Chorbohydrites (charbs), protein, fats and calories are required by gov’t to be posted on any product you buy that is not a whole food (fresh fruits/vegetables). This way you can be aware of what you are consuming…. keep any eye out for how much sugar your body is getting. Try filling up on protein & veges🌺

  3. Brian Patterson Reply

    Just purchased the 3 month programme. I cycle at least 4 times a week. At least 2 X 1 Hour sessions on my bike at a gym ( Wahoo KickR) during the week and 2 X 3 hour sessions on the weekend. Whilst I want to lose residual fat and create muscle and can probably do the 1 Hour sessions whilst fasting and unfueled there is no way I can do 3- 4 hours on a bike for 100 Km without carbs in my bottles and no fuel. Typically on weekends I start at 6:30 am and ride to 10:00 am Do I move the fast backwards, and at 4:30 am and eat or end at 6:30 am and carb up and eat thereafter? Any advice appreciated as to how to incorporate strenuous exercise into this programme!

    • Patrick Post authorReply

      Dear Brian, the best thing is to try out how you feel when you move the fasting times a certain way. You can do workouts and exercise while fasting, for some it’s better to move the exercise to the end of the fasting periods, for others it does not really matter at all. It also depends on the goals you have.

    • Joeleen Reply

      I am doing the 16:8 IF. Sometimes when it is during my 8 hour feed time I am not hungry. Do I just skip that day or eat even though I am not hungry?

      • Valerie Dratwa Reply

        Hello Brian,
        thank you for reaching out to us.
        I suggest that you still should you be eating your meal even though you are not hungry. Food gives us the necessary nutrients so that our bodies work properly. You don’t have to eat an enormous meal but you can snack on some nuts, fruits or veggies.
        But these are all just recommendations 🙂
        Happy BodyFasting!

  4. Catherine Reply

    During the summer, I would like a strict fast Tuesday-Wednesday-Thursday, with a more relaxed fast on the weekend. Is this possible with the Coach part of the program? Can I design a fast like this?

    • Patrick Post authorReply

      Yes there are fasting plans that support the three days fast. One of them is called MWF (Monday, Wednesday, Friday).

  5. Monica Ruiz Reply

    I just started this week. But today I had a little mess up. One of my co workers offered me a cherry and I took it. Not even thinking and forgot I was fasting. Does this one cherry mess up my fast for the day. This was actually an hour before the fasting would have been done

    • Patrick Post authorReply

      You shouldn’t eat cherries during fasting. But just do the next fasting periods without 🙂

  6. Aleksandra Reply


    ich bin fast am Ende der zweiten Fastenwoche mit Coach angelangt. Mit heute faste ich das erste Mal 24 Std.
    Ich wüsste gerne, ob in Fastenzeiten die Einnahme von Flohsamenschalen erlaubt ist. Die tun mir gut, aber ich bin unsicher, ob sich die, wenn auch sehr geringe Kalorienzufuhr an Fastentagen ungünstig auswirkt?

    • Patrick Post authorReply

      Hallo Aleksandra, da Flohsamenschalen Kohlenhydrate und Proteine enthalten, würden wir sie während der Fastenperiode nicht empfehlen. Dies wird den Autophagie/Zellreparaturprozess negativ beeinflussen.

  7. Aleksandra Reply

    …und kann ich trotz Infekt weiter fasten? Sollte ich das mit einem Arzt abklären? Ist nur eine kleine Erkältung und ich bin etwas schlapper, aber ich meide gerade lieber andere Anstrengungen und faste gemütlich weiter… Ist das in Ordnung?

    • Patrick Post authorReply

      Hallo Aleksandra, medizinische Beratung können wir leider nicht geben, daher frage bei Zweifeln bitte immer Deinen Arzt!

  8. Diane Takesh Reply

    I just starwthe fasting at night after vacation I will sign up with the coach. My question is can I fast at night from Monday thru Friday and then change on Saturday and Sunday to morning g?

    • Svenja Taubert Reply

      Hallo Diane,
      shifting fasting times in the weekends is no problem.:) In the current version of the app, you can move the fasting times by pressing the “move fasting periods” buttons at the start of a week or even during the week. You can also enter your meal times so that the app can adjust your times better automatically.
      Kind regards,

  9. Diane Takesh Reply

    Can I have veggie broth and club soda in addition to the coffee, tea and water in the fasting period?

    • Svenja Taubert Reply

      If you are new to IF you can have veggie broth, if it is difficult for you to persevere. However, I would reccommend you to do without broth, if possible.

  10. Silvia Huber Reply


    ich bin mit großer Begeisterung dabei. Habe ein 3 Monatsabo abgeschlossen. Wenn die drei Monate vorbei sind, würde ich gerne das Jahresabo buchen. Das 3 Monatsabo wird nicht automatisch verlängert oder? Wird man informiert, wenn es ausläuft?



  11. Sena Reply


    ich habe die erste Woche 16/8 hinter und festgestellt, dass ich 18/6 praktiziere. Wieso kann ich die Zeiten nicht ändern?


    • Svenja Taubert Reply

      Liebe Sena,
      bei der aktuellen Version unserer App ist es leider nicht möglich die Fastenperioden manuell zu verlängern. Du kannst diese lediglich verschieben. Wir arbeiten jedoch mit Hochdruck an einem Update, das unseren Nutzern mehr manuellen Spielraum einräumt.
      Wir bitten um deine Geduld.
      Liebe Grüße,

      • Gail Reply

        I’m at the end of week one and though it was hard, it wasn’t as hard as I thought it was going to be. I just finished a 31 hour fast but I did .. I really want to succeed so that is driving me. At 5 am I “could eat again” for the next 42 hours so at 6:30am I had two celery stalks with some old English Cheese, 106 calorie but it was enough in that moment. I understand what it means when the guide says not to over eat during your eating times and I don’t want to go backwards do I will eat light and in moderation, and pray for results.
        I do have the coach, it was $55 for the year so I wanted to give it a try. The schedule it had created is not something I would have considered for myself but it is making me challenge myself. I’ve lost 4.5lb in 6 days and while I don’t know what the norm or the average is, I felt that was a good start.

        • Jenny M. Reply

          Hello Gail,

          Welcome to BodyFast! It sounds like you are doing really well, stick with this attitude!
          However, let us give you one advice: Don’t put too much pressure on you as this causes stress and could lead to stagnation.
          Give your body time to adjust to the changes coming with fasting and always listen to it carefully. It is better to have gentle start for a sustainable success in the long run 😉

          All the best for you!

    • Svenja Taubert Reply

      Hi Diane,
      thanks for your comment! If you are a Coach user, you can set one day per week as Jokerday. So, if there’s a day you definitely can’t stick to your fasting plan, you can skip the day and do the fasting period later in the week.
      Kind regards,

    • Svenja Taubert Reply

      Hi Diane,
      we are currently working on new features that allow users to individually adjust and start/stop the fasting plans.

      In the current version of the app, you can move the fasting times by pressing the “move fasting periods” buttons at the start of a week or even during the week. You can also enter your meal times so that the app can adjust your times better automatically.

    • Svenja Taubert Reply

      Hi Tina,
      during the eating period you should eat when you feel hungry or just keep on with your usual eating times. Make sure you don’t binge, because this will negate the effect of losing weight. If you want to lose weight faster, eat a little bit less then usually and avoid sugar and fast foods.

      Try for yourself what works best and feels best. Make sure you ask other BodyFasters in our Facebook group how they manage their eating periods:
      Kind regards,

  12. Alison Reply

    Hi I was looking at the other options for IF and one has two day where you begin at 00.00 can you explain, they said it is to loose fat quick but not for the inexperienced.. can you advise /explain the timings
    Thanking you in advance

    • Svenja Taubert Reply

      Hi Alison,
      can you please tell me the name of the plan? I’m sure then, I will be able to help you. 🙂

  13. Dima Reply

    How is this different than a regular diet where you are eating 1400 calories ( low carb and fat) plus exercising ( and you are still eating 3 meals and 2 snacks between 8:00 am and 8:00 pm?

    • Svenja Taubert Reply

      Hi Dima,
      what is so special about Intermittent Fasting is, that you don’t have to count calories during your eating-periods. As you skip meals while fasting you automatically create a calorie deficit that will lead to a loss in weight. The only thing you need to be careful with is to remain from overeating. As long as you don’t eat more than usually (without fasting), IF will work for you. 🙂
      Kind regards,

  14. DIANE TAKESH Reply

    As a coach member it tells me I have 50 plans to choose from. How do I find them? I can’t follow some days. Especially Saturday and Sunday.

    • Svenja Taubert Reply

      Dear Diane,
      you can find our 50 plans in the “fasting”-tab. Please notice that the plan overview is only accessible at the end of your current fasting week. Alternatively you can abort your current fasting week to have a look at the plans.
      Kind regards and happy fasting,

  15. Evija Reply

    Three questions:
    1) Can I have coffe with milk (cappuccino / flat white) during fasting period?
    2) What is the best way to break the fast? (excpecially the longer ones 2-5)
    3) Would you recommend applying dry fasting during a fast period?
    Many thanks

    • Svenja Taubert Reply

      Hi Evija,
      1. Of course you can have coffee during your fasting periods. However, you should have it without milk, sugar and sweeteners, as this will break your fast.
      2. In fact, you can break your fast with anything you want, as IF is not based on calorie counting. Just make sure not to overeat in your eating windows.
      3. We usually do not recommend dry fasting, but you are free to test it of course. We’ be happy to hear about your experience with dry fasting. 🙂
      Kind regards,

  16. Sunni Reply

    Guten Morgen,

    ich habe den Coach für 25 Wochen gebucht und bin jetzt in der zweiten Woche. Bisher komme ich mit der Fastenzeit gut klar. Ebenfalls habe ich mich im Fitness Studio angemeldet und war auch dort, um zu trainieren. Meine Ernährung würde ich als gesund bezeichnen, da ich vor dem Intervallfasten bereits meine Ernährung umgestellt habe, aber der Abnahmeerfolg sich nicht recht einstellen wollte.
    Nun habe ich mit dem Coach vor zwei Wochen mit 76 kg gestartet, vor drei Tagen wog ich dann nur noch 74,7 kg. Ein Minus von 1,3 kg – ich habe mich sehr gefreut.
    Aber heute morgen steht meine Waage wieder auf 75 kg. Dabei war ich gestern im Studio und habe länger gefastet, als der Coach mir vorgeschlagen hat.
    Mache ich etwas falsch?
    Viele Grüße, Sunni

    • Svenja Taubert Reply

      Liebe Sunni,
      vielen Dank für deinen Kommentar. Nein, du machst nichts falsch! Dein Körper benötigt nur einige Zeit, um sich an die Umstellung zu gewöhnen. Wegen der kurzfristigen Gewichtsschwankung brauchst du dir keine Sorgen zu machen, das ist völlig normal. Wichtig ist nur, dass es tendenziell (über Wochen oder Monate gesehen) nach unten geht. Es reicht völlig aus, wenn du dich 1-2 mal pro Woche wiegst. So machst du dich nicht unnötig wegen Tagesschwankungen verrückt, die zum Beispiel auf temporäre Wassereinlagerungen zurückgeführt werden können. Beobachte die Entwicklung einfach in den nächsten Wochen. Solltest du nicht abnehmen, melde dich bitte bei mir. Vielleicht kann ich dir dann ein paar Tipps geben wie du deine Abnehmerfolge steigern kannst.
      Liebe Grüße,

    • Patrick Post authorReply

      Fettabbau beim Intervallfasten
      Hallo Sunni, unsere Infographik verdeutlicht dir, warum es beim Gewichtsverlust anfangs ab- und wieder aufwärts gehen kann!

  17. Sunni Reply

    Hallo Svenja und Patrick,
    vielen Dank für eure Antworten. Nun befinde ich mich in der dritten Wochen und der Coach hat mir eine 5:2 Woche vorgeschlagen.
    Am Mittwoch nach dem ersten Fastentag war ich tatsächlich auf 73,4 kg und heute morgen habe ich mich erst gewogen, denn heute ist für diese Woche mein zweiter Fastentag. Die Tage dazwischen habe ich normal gegessen. Aber heute morgen habe ich tatsächlich 2 kg mehr auf der Waage. Bin also wieder über 75 kg.
    Ich werde die gebuchten 25 Wochen durchziehen, aber irgendwie bin ich mir nicht sicher, ob die Methode bei mir anschlägt 🙁
    Gruß, Sunni

    • Svenja Taubert Reply

      Hallo Sunni,
      machst du denn Sport und achtest auf eine ausgewogene Ernährung mit moderaten Portionen? Sport lässt sich sehr gut mit IF kombinieren und kann deine Erfolge steigern. Was die Ernährung betrifft: Versuche deinen Zuckerkonsum etwas einzuschränken. Das reicht meistens schon aus um Erfolge zu erzielen. 🙂
      Liebe Grüße,

  18. Ramiro Reply


    I had the 3 month plan. I want to know something, during the non-eating time, can I drink coffee or tea with a little of stevia sweetener?

    • Svenja Taubert Reply

      Hi Ramiro,
      thanks for your comment.
      You can have coffee and tea, but you should have it without stevia or other sweeteners.
      Kind regards,
      your BodyFast-Team

  19. Andres Reply

    Hola… Agradezco que me puedan responder una pregunta
    ¿En el tiempo en el que estoy ayunando puedo tomar te de piña?. Es una infusión de agua con cáscaras de piña muy buen diurético relacionado con la pérdida de peso

    • Svenja Taubert Reply

      Hola Andres,
      durante los períodos de ayuno, puede beber té siempre que no use leche, azúcar u otros edulcorantes. Buena suerte con el ayuno!

    • Svenja Taubert Reply

      Hi Anon,

      Calorie counting can make food an elaborate science, as you have to calculate and keep a record at every meal. It spoils the fun of eating for you, your family and your friends.
      In addition, studies show that the error rate in the calculation is up to 25%, since even the best manuals and apps cannot determine the exact number of calories for each meal on your plate. With calorie burn, you have the same problem.
      With intermittent fasting, you don’t have to count calories to lose weight healthily. It is enough to watch out for moderate portion sizes and reduce the intake of unhealthy foods and fast foods that contain a lot of sugar and white flour. You always skip meals, but don’t make up for them during the meal periods. You’ll run into a calorie deficit and lose weight.
      Junk food should only be eaten infrequently and when snacking try to choose healthy snacks.
      Kind regards 🙂

  20. Sunni Reply

    Halo Svenja und Patrick,

    nun bin ich in der 5. Woche und habe gerade mal ein Kilo weniger. Ich esse schon seit Jahren wenig zuckerhaltiges, lasse sogar die Kohlehydrate abends weg und ernähre mich ebenso seit Jahren gerne gesund. Fast Food so gut wie nie. Wirklich ! zweimal in der Woche gehe ich ins Sportstudio.
    Fazit von mir: bei vielen Anwendern hilft das Fasten wohl, bei mir schlägt es irgendwie nicht an.

    Ich habe den Coach für 25 Wochen bestellt und bezahlt und werde ihn auch diese Zeit natürlich noch nutzen, aber ich möchte auf gar keinen Fall eine Verlängerung dieses Abos.

    Wo bitte kann ich das Abo kündigen?

    viele Grüße

    • Svenja Taubert Reply

      Hallo Sunni,
      tut uns leid zu hören, dass IF bei dir bislang noch nicht richtig anschlägt. Vielleicht ist der Abnehmeffekt bei dir nicht so groß, weil du auch schon vor dem Fasten vieles bei der Ernährung richtig gemacht hast und dein Stoffwechsel darauf eingestellt ist. Wir würden dir trotzdem empfehlen dran zu bleiben und vielleicht längere oder häufigere Fastenperioden einzulegen. Abgesehen von einer Gewichtsabnahme bietet IF ja auch viele weitere gesundheitsfördernde Vorteile, von denen du profitierst.
      Dein Abo kannst du direkt bei Apple oder Google Play kündigen, damit es sich nicht nach Ablauf der Laufzeit verlängert.

      Bei iPhones/iPads:

      Bei Android Phones/Tablets:

      Liebe Grüße,

  21. Anja Henne Reply

    Bin erst 1 tag dabei und im urlaub, bin gespannt ob ich das fasten in meiner Schichtarbeit durchziehen kann, nur mit verschobenen Zeiten.

    • Svenja Taubert Reply

      Hallo Anja,

      danke für deinen Kommentar.
      Es ist tatsächlich oft nicht einfach, Fasten und Schichtarbeit zu vereinbaren. Einige unserer Nutzer kriegen das aber ganz gut hin:

      + Hast Du schon einmal probiert, die Fastenzeiten in der App zu verschieben? Das geht nämlich sowohl vor, als auch während der Fastenwoche.
      + Du kannst unter vielen verschiedenen Plänen wählen – vielleicht schaust Du Dir die unterschiedlichen Möglichkeiten einmal an.

      Wir arbeiten aber daran, Schichtarbeit besser zu unterstützen und freuen uns über jede Anregung zum Thema!
      dein Bodyfast-Team

      • Svenja Taubert Reply

        Hi, we recommend to weigh yourself once a week in the morning. Generally, you can add weight entries anytime. You are always asked to do so once you finished a fasting week. 🙂

  22. Brianna Reply

    I am doing a fast 8:30pm-12:30 pm which works most days. If I move my fast time up by 1 half hour on Fridays and Saturdays to 9pm to 1pm is that a big deal? I want to lose weight but for more adjusting for 2 days just better fits my schedule. Let me know please. Thank you !

  23. Gerhild BRUNNER Reply

    Hallo, bin am Ende der 2. Woche.In der 2. Woche habe ich NICHTS abgenommen.Kann ich jetzt schon die neue Woche ei stellen bzw ein anderes Inzervall wählen? Finde das nicht mehr!Zudätzlich habe ich heute das 3 Monate ABO genommen.Danke für die Antwort

    • Svenja Taubert Reply

      Hallo Gerhild,
      danke für deinen Kommentar. Fragen über Fragen 🙂 Bitte kontaktiere unseren kundensupport und schildere deine Probleme. Dort können wir deine Fragen ausführlicher beantworten.
      Liebe Grüße, dein BodyFast-Team

  24. Holey ,Friedhelm Reply

    Hallo bin seit 3Tagen beim IF .

    Frage –Darf ich Süßstoff benutzen. In der 16Std.Phase

    Darf ich Lightgetränke trinken in der 16Std Phase

    Was an Lebensmitteln in Massen darf ich in der 16Std. Phase zu mir nehmen um den Erfolg nicht zu gefährden .

    Danke für Eure Rückmeldund

    • Svenja Taubert Reply

      Hallo, danke für deinen Kommentar!

      Auf unserem Blog gibt es einen sehr ausführlichen Artikel zu diesem Thema:

      Hier zusammen gefasst einige Informationen zum Essen und Trinken beim Intervallfasten:

      + beim Intervallfasten sollte dem Körper in den Fastenperioden eine komplette Auszeit gegeben werden, um die positiven Effekte auf die Gesundheit zu erzielen, deinen Blutzuckerspiegel zu regulieren und somit auch Hungerattacken zu vermindern.
      + insbesondere Kohlenhydrate (Zucker, Nudeln, Brot etc.) und Süßstoffe sollten gemieden werden. Fette sind in einem geringeren Ausmaß in Ordnung.
      + während der Fastenzeiten nur Wasser und ungesüßten Tee oder Kaffee ohne Milch. Außerhalb der Fastenzeiten darfst Du trinken, was Du magst. Natürlich ist es aber gesünder und vorteilhaft, weitgehend auf zuckerhaltige oder gesüßte Getränke zu verzichten.
      + Auch auf alkoholische Getränke wie Bier oder Wein sollte während der Fastenzeit verzichtet werden
      + Gemüsebrühe können Fasteneinsteiger bei längeren Fastenzeiten zur Überbrückung zu sich nehmen, mit mehr Erfahrung solltest Du darauf aber auch verzichten.
      + Gerade, um Deinen Blutzuckerspiegel auszugleichen und während des Fastens keine Hungerattacken zu bekommen, ist ein kompletter Verzicht auf Nahrung und energiehaltige Getränke wichtig.

      All dies erzeugt nicht nur den erwünschten Gewichtsverlust, sondern setzt auch einen Prozess namens “Autophagie” in Gang und für dessen Erforschung in 2016 der Medizin-Nobelpreis verliehen wurde: der Körper ist nicht mehr mit Verdauung beschäftigt und beginnt, toxische Zwischenprodukte, Entzündungen und ungesunde Fettarten abzubauen und sich selbst zu heilen und zu reinigen. Der Alterungsprozess wird verlangsamt. Intervallfasten ist keine Diät, es ist eine gesunde und natürliche Lebensweise, auf die wir genetisch programmiert sind.

      dein BodyFast-Team

  25. Ellen Reply

    Hallo, ich ernähre mich jetzt seit 5 Monaten nach 16/8 und bin sehr zufrieden. Die Umstellung war problemlos und die 16 Stunden fallen mir auch nicht schwer. Die Pfunde purzeln langsam aber stetig (ca. 1 Kilo pro Monat) und ich liebe es, während der Essensphase einfach essen zu können, was ich mag ohne abzuwiegen oder Punkte oder Kalorien zählen zu müssen. Und am Wochenende gönne ich mir auch mal einen 14/10 Tag.
    Ich bin mir jetzt unsicher, was ich während der 16 Stunden trinken darf. Im Winter mag ich es, abends (während des Fastens) eine große Tasse Früchtetee zu trinken und mein Lieblingstee ist ein Tee aus getrockneten Kirschen. Ohne Zusätze aber eben ganze Früchte. Ist das o.k. oder zuviel Fruchtzucker? Auf 500 ml Wasser nehme ich einen knappen Eßlöffel getrocknete Kirschen.
    In Eurem Artikel “Was kann ich während des Intervallfastens essen und trinken” steht, dass man zum Entschlacken darauf verzichten sollte, gilt das auch für die Fastenphase?
    Danke für Eure Unterstützung!

    • Svenja Taubert Reply

      Hallo Ellen,
      danke für deinen Kommentar. Du kannst den Tee auf jeden Fall trinken, solange du auf zusätzlichen Zucker, Süßstoff und Milch verzichtest.
      Weiterhin viel Erfolg.
      Liebe Grüße,
      dein BodyFast-Team

    • Svenja Taubert Reply

      Hi, thanks for your comment. While fasting, you should refrain from everything that has calories. As an alternative, you can have black coffee (without milk and sugar), tea and water.
      Kind regards,
      your BodyFast-Team

    • Svenja Taubert Reply

      Hi Debbie, thanks for your comment. If you want to make sure not to break your fast we would recommend you to have your water without lemon juice, as lemon juice contains sugar.
      Kind regards,
      your BodyFast-Team

    • Svenja Taubert Reply

      Olá Priscila, obrigado pelo seu comentário.
      Muitas vezes leva algumas semanas para o corpo mudar completamente. Portanto, pode acontecer que os sucessos tenham que esperar um pouco ou você se sinta um pouco desconfortável no começo.
      As dicas a seguir podem ser úteis para alcançar os resultados desejados:
      + Também preste atenção ao que você come nos horários das refeições. O que você tolera, o que você não tolera? Depois do que você se sente cansado, então cheio de energia? E mude seu plano de refeições de acordo.
      + Se você não perdeu peso, você deve aumentar seu tempo de jejum ou usar tempos de jejum mais freqüentes. Isto é o que torna o nosso Coach, que se adapta a cada semana de seu objetivo pessoal e cria um novo programa. Você também pode escolher outros planos por conta própria.
      + Jejum Interval não está entre o jejum “dieta milagrosa” que são conhecidos por levar a yo-yo efeitos pronunciados. Intervall jejum é uma mudança a longo prazo em sua dieta. Portanto, pode levar algumas semanas para que ocorra uma perda maior de peso.
      + Nos horários das refeições, você deve tomar cuidado para não levar mais do que o habitual para você.
      + desejos de comida muitas vezes não é fácil, mas aqui, o melhor é ficar ativo, a pé e muita água (dois copos no máximo) para beber.
      + Açúcar e bebidas doces você deve reduzir ou evitar – e depois desfrutar logo após comer para acalmar os níveis de insulina. Isso também reduz os ataques de fome.
      + Por último mas não menos importante: o esporte é uma arma milagrosa. Tente incorporar unidades esportivas na sua Quaresma. Isso aumenta a queima de gordura, além disso. Certifique-se de não exagerar, porque o seu nível de energia é bastante baixo durante a Quaresma.

      sua equipe BodyFast

    • Svenja Taubert Reply

      Hi Dawn, thanks for your comment.
      Unfortunately we can’t give any medical advice. Please ask your doctor about your fasting program.
      You can read everything about our general recommendations on intermittent fasting at
      Thanks for your understanding.
      Kind regards,
      your BodyFast-Team

  26. elena Reply

    Hallo, ich faste nun die 18 te woche und habe stolze 12 kg abgenommen, ich freue mich sehr darüber,ich fühle mich super .
    gruss elena

    • Svenja Taubert Reply

      Liebe Elena, vielen Dank für dein Feedback. Wir freuen uns sehr, dass du mit der BodyFast-App so erfolgreich abgenommen hast. Wir wünschen dir weiterhin viel Spaß und Erfolg.
      Liebe Grüße,
      dein BodyFast-Team

  27. Regina Reply

    Hi there

    I’ve just started IF through the app and am very excited! Just wondering though… I know you’re not supposed to drink coffee with milk during fasting periods, but as I really don’t enjoy black coffee I’m contemplating making the adjustment for myself to allow coffee+milk with the idea of being able to sustain this long term. What implications would this have?

    Thank you!

    • Svenja Taubert Reply

      Hi Regina, thanks for your comment. Unfortunately, this would be counterproductive, as anything that contains calories and is consumed while fasting will break your fast and destroy some of the positive effects of IF, which would be a pity considering that fasting can be hard sometimes. If you need an alternative to coffee you could try black tea (of course also without sugar and milk), as it also contains caffeine.
      Kind regards,
      your BodyFast-Team

    • Mar Reply

      I’m new to IF, this is my first week. Without thinking I took a bite of chicken, chewed it, then realized I was in my fasting phase and spit it out. Did this break my fast?

      • Britta Reply

        Hello Regina,

        don’t stress yourself. Since you didn’t swallow it, everything’s fine. We wish you all the best on your fasting trip in the new year!
        Your BodyFast Team

  28. Yolande Labbe Reply

    Hi! I am 68 years old and I have been vegan for 6 or 7 months months now. (No meat, no fish, no poultry no dairy , no egg) I drink mostly water once in a while I have an apple or orange juice. I finally made the switch at first it was about mercy for the animals plus it is the realization that my health as improve a lot. I see so many thing on the internet it is now about what is going to make me feel better. I do not feel that I should loose weight I am 5′ 7” and I weight 135 pounds. I start fasting a few days ago and it make me feel great I feel that I could do a lot more but at the same time I do not want to go overboard and get sick. I eat my last meal around 5h.30 or 6h. pm then I take the next meal around noon the next day. I am on my 5th day and I feel great. Is this something that I can maintain for life or should I do more.

    • Svenja Taubert Reply

      Hi Yolanda, thanks for your comment. Intermittent Fasting is (unlike many diets) a permanent change in nutrition. You can thus participate in our fasting programme for an unlimited period of time.
      Kind regards,
      your BodyFast-Team

  29. Sally Parker Reply

    Just started Intermittent Fasting. Did it a while back.

    I’m trying the 8pm til 12pm fast, suiting me well only when I have lunch at 12pm my belly keeps bloating even with salads. Could it be I’m breaking my fast wrong or just eating too quick with being at work ?

    Also how long do u have to leave it before altering the fast as in when your body adjusts as this time period works with work?????

    • Svenja Taubert Reply

      Hi Sally, thanks for your comment. In fact you should not feel bloated after eating. Please ask your doctor about it. You can extend your fasting periods when you feel ready for it. Just give it a try when fasting for 16 hours is no problem for you.
      Kind regards, your BodyFast-Team

  30. Tara Grajal Reply

    I am confused about a couple of things. What am I supposed to do when the fast begins at midnight? If I go to bed at 9, I am adding 3 more hours on to the fast? Or if dinner is at 6, should I keep eating later? I always thought it was bad to eat too close to bedtime as your metabolism keeps working when your body should be at rest? Alternatively, what am I supposed to do when a fast ends at midnight? If I sleep until 8am, that means I am adding an additional 8 hours to the fast? Is this a glitch in the system or is it intentional? (I have the coach and this is my first week).

    • Svenja Taubert Reply

      Hi Tara, thanks for your comment and sorry for the late response.
      The best solution for your problem is to move your fasting periods. If you stop eating at 6pm you can move the beginning of your fasting period to 6pm. It is the same with the midnight case. When going to bed at 9 move the upcoming fasting period to 9. 🙂
      Kind regards,
      your Bodyfast-Team

  31. Annika Giocondi Reply

    Ich bin 21 Jahre alt und 160cm groß, wiege aber 62kg und möchte gerne auf 55kg runter kommen.
    Da ich gesundheitlich Probleme habe, mit vor allem verarbeiteten Lebensmitteln und Produkten die zu fettig, zu süß oder nur aus Weizen und nicht aus Vollkorn (z.B. Dinkelvollkorn) bestehen, esse ich im Vergleich zu anderen schon recht clean. Mein täglicher Zuckerkonsum (industriell hergestellter Zucker) geht gegen Null und frittierte Sachen gibt es höchstens ein bis zwei Mal im Monat.
    Trotzdem ist nicht mal ein ganzes Kilo geschwunden, trotz dass ich 16:8 seit über vier Wochen mache. Meistens esse ich nur zwei Mahlzeiten pro Tag, weil ich mehr in die 8 Stunden nicht integriert bekomme. Zudem sind die Portionen kleiner wie früher, vermutlich weil sich mein Magen etwas verkleinert hat. Gesnackt wird zwischen den Mahlzeiten wärend den 8h auch kaum und wenn, dann recht wenig und kalorienarm.
    Mache ich etwas falsch oder gibt es Tipps, was ich noch besser machen oder verändern könnte?
    Vielen Dank im Voraus und für die tolle App!!
    Freundliche Grüße Annika:)

    • Svenja Taubert Reply

      Hallo Annika,
      danke für deinen Kommentar. IF ist keine Wunderdiät sondern eine dauerhafte Ernährungsumstellung. 4 Wochen sind deshalb ein zu kurzer Zeitraum um beständige Ergebnisse zu erzielen. Ich würde dir raten dich deshalb nicht zu sehr zu stressen (Stress ist absolut kontraproduktiv), sondern einfach zwanglos mit dem Fasten weiterzumachen. Mit einer entspannten Einstellung gelingt das Abnehmen viel besser.
      Folgende Tipps könnten hilfreich sein, um die gewünschten Erfolge zu erzielen:

      + Achte auch in den Essenszeiten auf das was Du isst. Was verträgst Du, was verträgst Du nicht? Wonach fühlst Du Dich müde, wonach voller Energie? Und ändere Deinen Essensplan entsprechend.
      + Wenn Du nicht abgenommen hast, solltest Du die Fastenzeiten verlängern oder häufigere Fastenzeiten einlegen. Genau das macht unser Coach, er passt sich jede Woche an Dein persönliches Ziel an und erstellt Dir ein neues Programm. Du kannst aber auch selbst andere Pläne wählen.
      + Intervallfasten gehört nicht zu den schnellen “Wunderdiät”, die bekanntermaßen zu ausgeprägten Jojo-Effekten führen. Intervallfasten ist eine langfristige Umstellung Deiner Ernährungsweise. Es kann also einige Wochen dauern, bis ein stärkerer Gewichtsverlust eintritt.
      + In den Essenszeiten solltest Du darauf achten nicht mehr als sonst zu Dir zu nehmen
      + Gegen Heißhungerattacken anzukämpfen ist oft nicht einfach, aber hier empfiehlt es sich, aktiv zu bleiben, spazieren zu gehen und viel Wasser (am Besten zwei Gläser) zu trinken.
      + Zucker und süße Getränke solltest Du reduzieren oder vermeiden – und wenn dann nur direkt nach dem Essen genießen, um Deinen Insulinspiegel zu beruhigen. Auch das reduziert Hungerattacken.
      + Last but not least: Sport ist eine Wunderwaffe. Versuche in Deine Fastenzeiten Sporteinheiten einzubauen. Das kurbelt die Fettverbrennung zusätzlich an. Achte jedoch darauf, dass Du Dich nicht überanstrengst, da Dein Energie-Level während der Fastenzeiten eher niedrig ist.

      Viele Informationen bietet unsere Hilfe:
      Wir haben auch eine Facebook-Gruppe, in der Du Dich mit hunderten anderen BodyFast-Nutzern austauschen kannst:
      Ich hoffe, ich konnte ein wenig helfen.

  32. Kaye Reply

    I am fasting from 6:00 pm to 8:00 am! Can I eat a normal breakfast at 8:00 am? Lunch at 12:00 noon and dinner by 6:00 pm? Or am I to skip breakfast even if my fast ends at 8:00 am? I just keep reading as if we are to skip at least one meal, but the times I chose allow for all three (3) meals!

    • Svenja Taubert Reply

      Hi Kaye, thanks for your comment. If it is your goal to lose weight you should skip one meal to make sure that there is a calorie deficit. If you are fasting for other reasons you can have three meals.
      Kind regards, your BodyFast-Team

  33. Magda Reply

    bin noch ganz am Anfang des 16/8 Intervallfastens! Wollte wissen ob Kaugummi kauen in der Fastenphase erlaubt ist?

    • Svenja Taubert Reply

      Hallo Magda, danke für deinen Kommentar.

      1. Ob Kaugummis eher den Appetit anregen oder mindern, ist noch nicht endgültig geklärt. Es gibt Hinweise in beide Richtungen. Das kannst Du einfach auch selbst mal testen.

      2. Kaugummis enthalten sehr viele synthetische Stoffe, dass sie dem Sinn einer Heilfastenkur widersprechen. Schließlich willst du ja mit dem Fasten deinen Körper entlasten, entschlacken, entgiften und reinigen. Da macht es keinen Sinn, die nächsten unnatürlichen Stoffe in dich hineinzubefördern, die dann auch noch obendrein freie Bahn haben, um ihr Unwesen zu treiben, weil keine anderen Nahrungsmittel sie dabei stören.

      LG, dein BodyFast-Team

  34. Monikiea Reply

    Hello having a hard time with the not eating with the fast, im a driver and i need to stay awake is it ok if i chew sugar free gun to help wih being hurgry and to not be so sleepy!

    • Svenja Taubert Reply

      Hi, thanks for your comment.
      The problem with chewing gum:

      1. Whether chewing gum tends to stimulate or diminish appetite has not yet been clarified. There are hints to both directions.

      2. Chewing gum contains a number of synthetic substances that contradict the meaning of fasting. The aim of fasting is to relieve, detoxify and cleanse your body. So chewing gum is counterproductive.

      Kind regards, your BodyFast-Team

  35. aldina sordi Reply

    Non riesco a fare a meno del caffè e non riesco a berlo amaro, alla terza settimana ho ripreso il peso perso, cosa faccio?

    • Svenja Taubert Reply

      Ciao, grazie per il tuo commento. Bere latte senza zucchero e latte è ovvio. Forse riesci a cambiare le tue abitudini. In alternativa, è anche possibile passare al tè nero o verde, in quanto contiene anche caffeina.

  36. Deb Reply

    Hello, I’m just starting and don’t understand why Stevia can’t be used in tea. There are no calories in stevia. Thank you for your response.

    • Svenja Taubert Reply

      Hi Deb, thanks for your comment.
      While fasting your body is supposed to detoxify, which is why stevia and other sweeteners are counterproductive.
      Kind regards, your BodyFast-Team

  37. Melanie Wohlers Reply

    Liebes Body Fast Team,
    ich habe mir die runter geladen und bin noch am testen und heute ist mein dritter Tag. Ich fühle mich sehr gut!!!
    Meine Frage: meine Woche ist jeden Tag anders, ich halte die 16 Stunden ein, ist es okay wenn ich einen Tag um 9 anfange zu essen und am nächsten Tag z.B. um 13 Uhr?
    oder ist es eh besser die letzte Mahlzeit um 18 Uhr einzunehmen?
    Liebe Grüße

    • Svenja Taubert Reply

      Hallo Melanie, danke für deinen Kommentar.
      Es ist kein Problem wenn du deine Fatenzeiten ab und zu verschiebst, wenn sich das Fasten dadurch besser in deinen Alltag integrieren lässt. 🙂
      LG, dein BodyFast-Team

  38. Cheryl Swain Reply

    I am deciding on the coach, but for my first week I did the cold water jump, I liked that it shifted and had different lengths and intervals, is this more effective then just sticking with a 24/4 or 16/8…etc?. However, it does seem to have a whole day of no fasting…and including the prior period, even longer? Am I misinterpreting? I have found this genuinely easy to stick to and am getting excited. I also find that when it is time to break the fast, I am not really that hungry. I have a lot of weight to lose so I want to do it in the most effective way I can be successful. I am not against the coach, I just want to make sure it is money spent wisely. Of the delivered programs, what is the most challenging or the biggest bang for your buck?

    • Svenja Taubert Reply

      Hi Cheryl, thanks for your comment.
      Please contact our customer support. We are looking forward to answering all your questions. Make sure to send us screenshots of your fasting plan, because this makes it easier for us to help you.
      Kind regards, your BodyFast-Team

  39. Christian Reply

    Muss man zwingend ab 22:00 fasten oder kann man auch eher anfangen? Ich möchte auf die Mittagspause mit Kollegen nicht (immer) verzichten. Danke und Gruß Christian

    • Svenja Taubert Reply

      Hallo Christian, danke für deinen Kommentar.
      Vor oder während der Fastenwoche kannst Du die Fastenzeiten ganz einfach über den Button “Zeiten verschieben” anpassen. Zusätzlich kannst Du Deine Essenszeiten in den Einstellungen unter “mehr…” angeben, damit die App und der Coach sich noch besser auf Deine Gewohnheiten anpassen.
      LG, dein BodyFast-Team

  40. mary demasi Reply


    I started the 16 hour fasting just 4 days ago and I am already down 6lbs. I’ve combined it with Keto and count all my food on Carb Manager. I’m finding this easy and fun. My question is…..If I do a joker day would that ruin my fasting? Or will it restart me and I’m starting from scratch again? I’m doing so well that I am afraid to change anything? And also, should I switch it up at some point and change the 16 hour fasting time?

    • Svenja Taubert Reply

      Hi Mary, thanks for your comment.
      As a Coach subscriber, you may set one Joker day every week and take a break. All remaining fasting periods will be moved backwards one day.
      Please note: You should only take the Joker day if you really need a day off.
      You can choose 16-8 if you wish so, however make sure to change your fasting plan regularly in order to prevent habituation effects.
      Kind regards, your BodyFast-Team

  41. Aditi Reply

    I recently had slipped disc and that has lead to a long bed rest period. I felt I needed to lose wait to ease pressure on my back( I have always been overweight and followedany diets over years with my weight yo-yoing. I had recent weight gain that I haven’t been able to shed even with diet and exercise). Since I can’t exercise at all right now and will continue to be less active for a couple of more months at least I have decided to try intermittent fasting to try and control my weight. Is that a bad idea given that my physical activity is minimal?

    • Svenja Taubert Reply

      Hi, thanks for your comment. No it isn’t. Of course workouts would boost your results. However, workouts don’t have to be included when doing IF. You can combine IF with a healthy nutrition. This would be very helpful.
      Kind regards, your BodyFast-Team

  42. Bärbel Hönicke Reply

    Hallo, ich mache seit dem 1. April 2018 16/8. Bis Januar 2019 habe ich ca. 8 kg abgenommen.
    Seit Februar diesen Jahres stagniert die Abnahme. Ich schwanke immer zwischen 80 und 81 kg
    Und komme einfach nicht unter die 80kg. Was könnte ich tun, dass es endlich weiter abwärts geht?

    • Svenja Taubert Reply

      Hallo Bärbel, danke für deinen Kommentar. Um eine Gewichtsstagnation zu vermeiden, ist es wichtig regelmäßig die Zeiten und Längen der Fastenperioden zu variieren, da sonst Gewohnheitseffekte auftreten. Bitte wechsele regelmäßig deinen Fastenplan.
      Liebe Grüße, dein BodyFast-Team

  43. Geetika Sethi Reply

    Aditi ! I got 6 slip discs in jan last year and have healed myself naturally with different types of fastings . Believe me it will bring all inflamation done and ease the pain and also wean you off those horrid medicines.

    • Svenja Taubert Reply

      Hi, thanks for your comment. We are happy to hear that IF works so well for you. 🙂
      Happy BodyFasting.
      Kind regards, your BodyFast-Team

    • Svenja Taubert Reply

      Hi Roxanne, thanks for your comment.
      During your fasting periods please only have pure water, tea and coffee without milk, sugar or sweeteners, as otherwise the autophagy process will be stopped.
      Kind regards, your BodyFast-Team

    • Jenny M. Reply

      Hi Chrissy,
      During your fasting periods please only have pure water, tea and coffee without milk, sugar or sweeteners, as otherwise the autophagy process will be stopped.
      Best regards,
      Your BodyFast team

  44. Eliz Reply


    Can I have extracts such as vanilla extract in my coffee or tea during fasting? And are non-caloric sweeteners allowed?

    • Jenny M. Reply

      Hi Eliz,
      During the fasting period please only have pure water, tea and coffee without extracts and sweeteners of any kind.
      They influence your insulin level and break your fast.
      Best regards,
      Your BodyFast team

  45. Jason Reply

    Hello would you recommend when doing the 16/8 to work out before your first meal or after your last meal while you are in your fast phase? Also I am doing my eat phase 12- 8 but what if I eat my last meal around 6 would that be harmful instead of eatting it close to 8? Also, could I take a protein shake while in my fast phrase after my workout ? Or would you suggest to wait till my eatting period ?

    • Jenny M. Reply

      Hi Jason,
      Work outs tend to be most effective at the end of a fasting period. As long as you are not in a long-time fast of course!
      The actual time of eating is not really relevant as long as you stick to your fasting schedule in terms of the length of the eating breaks.
      And a protein shake would break your fast so please only have one while you are allowed to eat.
      Happy BodyFasting!

  46. Li Lou Reply

    Hallo, darf ich während der Fastenzeit auch kalten Gerstentee trinken? Natürlich ohne Zusätze wie Zucker oder sonstigen Süßungsmitteln? Es handelt sich hierbei um “Mugicha”, einem japanischen Sommergetränk, das aus gerösteten und zermörserten Gerstenkörnern handelt, die nur mit kaltem Wasser eingeweicht werden. Leider finde ich dazu keinerlei Infos im Internet. Vielen Dank für eine kurze Antwort und LG

    • Svenja Taubert Reply

      Hallo, danke für deine Anfrage.
      Während der Fastenperioden sind ausschließlich pures Wasser, Tee und Kaffee ohne Milch, Zucker und Süßstoffe erlaubt, da sonst die Fastenperiode (und damit der Autophagie-Prozess) unterbrochen wird.
      In den Essenszeiten darfst du essen und trinken, was auch immer du möchtest. Natürlich raten wir dennoch zu einer gesunden und ausgewogenen Ernährung.
      Liebe Grüße, dein BodyFast-Team

  47. Silke G. Reply

    Hallo, ich bin seit gestern dabei und habe schon die erste Frage :
    Die tägliche Einnahme von Tabletten (z.B. ACE -Hemmer/ Betablockern) können die in der Fastenzeit eingenommen werden. Wie ist es mit Nahrungsergänzungsmittel wie Magnesium, Calcium. usw.?

    • Jenny M. Reply

      Hallo Silke und willkommen bei BodyFast 🙂
      die Einnahme von Medikamenten erfolgt idealerweise in den Essenszeiten, sollte aber unbedingt mit dem Arzt abgesprochen werden.
      Gleiches gilt für Nahrungsergänzungsmitteln, wobei hier die generelle Notwendigkeit einer Einnahme ebenfalls ärztlich abgeklärt werden sollte.
      Die Gesundheit geht immer vor!

  48. dawn Reply

    i’m confused on the eat/not eat.
    so, when eating – we should consume regular, but small portion & low caloric meals, & stay hydrated with low or less sugar added fluids, right?
    then, when not eating – we should maintain the fluid intake, but restrict it to being hydrated with pure water, black or herb unsweetened tea, & plain coffee, right?
    so, is there any eating at all during the fasting hours? or is it no food period, but maintain the restricted hydration? thanks

    • Quirin Salomon Reply

      Hi there,

      Thanks for your question!

      You are very right: During your fasting periods please only have pure water, tea and coffee without milk, sugar or sweeteners, as otherwise the autophagy process will be stopped.
      During your eating times you can have whatever you like even though we warmly recommend a healthy diet and lifestyle!

      If you would like to know more, please do not hesitate to reach out to us!

      Kind regards,

      Your BodyFast team

    • Jenny M. Reply

      Hi Sallie,
      Besides coffee and tea the only recommended option is pure water.
      If you wish so you could add a some herbs or a fruit slice for the taste.
      Please make sure not to squeeze or to eat them, then you won’t break your fast 🙂
      All the best for you!

  49. Josephine Reply

    Hello my name is jojo. I am
    New to this fasting. So I’m confused. As a beginner can you help me out what to do for the first week beside pure water,tea and coffee?

    • Jenny M. Reply

      Hi Jojo and welcome to BodyFast!
      We would appreciate if you could turn to or contact us via Facebook to get some advice.
      The comment section on our homepage is not suitable for lengthy answers 😉
      Thank you!

  50. Marion Reply

    I thought on my fast days I could have up to 500calories and on my eating days up to 1800 cal.
    Reading comments it seems on fasting days it is complete fasting No food what so ever.

    • Quirin Salomon Reply

      Hi Marion, thanks for reaching out to us! We recommend that you do not take in any calories during your fasting periods. This will maximize the effect of the fasting and your body will get into a state called “autophagy” after 12-14 hours of fasting. This process cleanses your body of toxins and is a healthy side-effect of fasting (apart from the obvious weight loss). However, autophagy process will be interrupted if you take in any calories during your fasting period, as this will affect your insulin level. So to sum it up, it is your call: Do you want to start on a more slow paced fasting journey, where you want to mainly focus on losing weight? Then you can have up to 500 cal. Or do you want to take advantage of the wider range of health benefits of your fasting journey? 😉

  51. Marc Ruiz Reply

    Hello, I am just starting IF and the only thing I am struggling with is not using some supplement powders (greens powder and an amino acid mix) I am taking in the morning which I feel have a positive effect on my health. When I look at the calories associated with the supplements its 35 calories if I take them with ice water. In my six day plan this would impact me on three days. Any thoughts on a work around? Thanks

    • Quirin Salomon Reply

      Hi Marc,
      in general we do recommend to avoid taking in any calories, as this will affect the insulin level and consequently prevent your body of going into the autophagy mode.
      So the best practice is to not take the supplements during the fasting periods. However, you can move the fasting periods so they fit into your schedule (by clicking the +/- buttons).
      Happy BodyFasting!

  52. Marlu Reply

    Love your app with notifications and progress update circle!
    Can I take Omega 3 fish oil and Vitamin D while fasting or do these need to be consumed outside fasting time?
    Thank you.

    • Quirin Salomon Reply

      Hi Marlu,

      A few words about eating and drinking during fasting periods:

      + We don’t recommend drinking sweet or sweetened drinks. Sugar and also artificial sweeteners have an impact on your blood sugar levels which will make it harder for you to fast. The hunger during fasting may become much stronger if you don’t abstain from sweetened drinks. On top of that, the fasting periods are supposed to give your body a complete time-out which you won’t gain with sweetened drinks.

      + Soups, broths, oils and other light foods is something we don’t recommend for the same reasons, especially in fasting periods up to one day. In longer fasting periods you can, of course drink one bowl of broth a day, but it’s not a must. Just see how you feel and try to consume as less as possible.

      + Nutritional supplements can be taken during fasting if they don’t contain sugars, sweeteners, fats or proteins. If you want to take proteins for muscle gain, you can of course make some exceptions but you might want to try to move your fasting periods accordingly so that you have calorie-free periods as often as possible.

      All this promotes not only weight loss, but a process called autophagy, a cell-repair and detox effect that takes place after 14 to 16 hours of fasting. The research about autophagy earned 2016’s Nobel Price for medicine: It plays a key role in your body’s ability to detoxify, repair, and regenerate itself, and by activating your body’s autophagy process, you dampen inflammation, slow down the aging process, and optimize biological function. Intermittent fasting is not a diet, it’s a natural lifestyle we are genetically programmed for.

      These are all but recommendations, you have to find the way which fits best to you.

      – Your BodyFast team

  53. Reya Reply

    Hello & thank you for BF! I’m currently on week 2 of IF and thought I had gotten through the most difficult for me; drinking black coffee vs my regular-creamer & sweet n low) and the headaches and hunger pains have gone away. I do the 16/8 (11 am to 7 pm). I had a hiccup last night and this morning and am not sure how to proceed. Because I’m an accountant and hours are starting to shift for me I wasn’t able to get dinner in by 7 last night. I had dinner before 8 pm and this morning I succumbed & added some creamer & sweet n low to my coffee. Can you please tell me the best way to get back on track?

    • Jenny M. Reply

      Hi Reya,

      Maybe you’d like to go one step back and try with 14-10 before moving on to 16-8 again.
      And maybe you can also find someone fasting with you or really pushing you through. When it comes to your coffee: Why don’t you try out another one? There are so many tasty and fruity ones out there which just want to be tested by you. A shot of cold water makes it more digestible 😉

      All the best for you, Reya!

  54. Pam Radunz Reply

    Just starting and drinking plain water especially in the morning is tough. Can I drink naturally flavored or carbonated water during fasting?

  55. Veronika Ettenauer Reply

    Ich begann vor drei Wochen mit 16/8, vor 3 Tagen mit der Bodyfast-App. Ich fühle mich körperlich echt gut dabei (minus 3kg). Morgendliche Schmerzen in verschiedenen Gelenken tatsächlich zurückgegangen. Besseres Einschlafen, weil die Verdauungs-Schwerarbeit wegfällt. Endlich weiß ich, dass richtiger Hunger auch Glücksgefühle auslösen kann!
    Meine Frage:
    Ist es okay, wenn ich in den Essensphasen als Snacks etwas mehr Obst zu mir nehme als 2 faustgroße Portionen, sagen wir mal eher 3 bis 4 Portionen, da ich ohnehin meinen Zuckerkonsum sehr stark eingeschränkt habe?

    • Jenny M. Reply

      Hallo Veronika,

      es ist schön zu hören, dass IF dir so gut tut 🙂
      Natürlich ist es in Ordnung, auch ein bisschen mehr Obst zu dir zu nehmen. Darin stecken so viele wichtige Vitamine und andere Nährstoffe und gesünderer Zucker als in Schokoriegeln 😉

      Alles Gute für dich weiterhin!

    • Jenny M. Reply

      Hi Bouchra!

      You can purchase the Coach by navigating to the Coach tab inside the app. There you’ll get three subscription options, the payment is via Apple App Store or Google Play Store depending on your operating system.
      For any questions feel free to reach out to

      Happy BodyFasting!

  56. Kay Reply

    Hi! I started with the 5:2 fast, and after one day, I had to abort the fast and change to the 16:8. I later found out that the 5:2 is highly unrecommended for those with blood sugar issues, such as hypoglycemia in my case. I would highly recommend adding this to the description of the 5:2 fast preview, so that others may not try the 5:2 if they have blood sugar issues such as myself, and so that they don’t risk passing out, as I did. Just a thought!

    • Svenja Taubert Reply

      Thank you for your feedback and ideas! Each day, we work hard to make BodyFast even better. And your feedback definitely helps a lot!

  57. Laura Reply

    Hola soy una usuaria principiante está es mí primera semana, quiero bajar 10kilos, empeze con 16/8 pero hay días que no tengo hambre y alargo el ayuno a 18/6 o a 20/4 y luego vuelvo a 16/8. Esto es bueno o malo para mí objetivo?
    Agradezco la respuesta. Esto es para mí un desafío muy grande!!

    • Valerie Dratwa Reply

      Hola Laura,
      Nos alegra saber que está utilizando BodyFast para alcanzar su peso deseado. Como eres nuevo en el proceso de ayuno, te aconsejamos que sigas los planes estándar al principio, como el 16:8 o el 14:10. 🙂
      No es un gran problema si se alargan los tiempos de ayuno siempre que se ajusten los tiempos en la aplicación. Esto no estropeará tu plan y podrás continuar sin preocupaciones.
      Si tiene más preguntas, póngase en contacto con nuestro equipo de asistencia (
      Le deseamos mucho éxito y diversión con su ayuno. 🙂

  58. V Samyukta Reply

    I am Samyukta 38 years , from India. I started BodyFast with coach from last 2 weeks. I am following fasting period sincerely. I am following 16 hours of fasting, My target is to loose 10 kgs .I want to know how many days/months it will take to reach my goal.
    I am a vegetarian, does regular exercise and my refined sugar intake is very less.
    I also have doubt that once reaching my weight loss goal do I have to continue fasting routine or I can just do exercise n mindful eating.

    • Valerie Dratwa Reply

      Hello Samyukta,
      it is great to hear that you chose BodyFast to accompany you on your fasting period.:)
      Intermittent Fasting is not a crash diet, it is more than a lifestyle change which will impact your life in many positive ways.
      Unfortunately, I cannot tell you how long it will take you to reach your goal weight since this depends on a lot of different factors.
      As already said, Intermittent Fasting is not a short term fix – it is a new way of looking at food and your life.
      In case you have more questions you can always contact our support team ( or take a look at our Facebook groups and Instagram page.

  59. HypnoFasting Reply

    Very nice information for us.
    HypnoFasting is a powerful combination of intermittent fasting and hypnosis that helps you lose weight and get healthy. You lower the chances of developing cardiovascular disease. For more information, visit our site.

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