5 Ways to Overcome a Weight Loss Plateau With Intermittent Fasting

Nearly everyone hits a weight loss plateau sooner or later – even when doing intermittent fasting.

You haven’t changed anything in your practice? That could be the reason…


Here are the best tips if your weight stagnates or you want to prevent a plateau:


1. Drink enough and the right stuff

  • Many people underestimate the calories in juice, soda and other drinks.
  • Water should be your first choice: at least 2.5 liters (85 oz.) a day. Here you’ll find the best tips to stay hydrated.

2. Balanced diet

  • Meals with lots of protein and fiber keep you satiated longer and support fat burning and digestion.
  • Also, include a day of low-carb meals two or three times a week.

3. Increase physical activity in your everyday life

  • Walk at least 10,000 steps a day.
  • Do a form of exercise you enjoy. Try something new.
  • One big advantage is that working out helps build muscles and reduce stress. Both are important factors in losing weight.

4. Weigh and measure yourself correctly

  • Step on the scales no more than once a week.
  • Measure your body circumferences. Don’t get confused by short-term weight fluctuations! Those are often caused by changes in the water balance. Read more about this topic here.

5. Vary your fasting plan

  • The success of our Coach Journeys is obvious: On the one hand, the fasting plans are adapted to your progress. On the other hand, the variety in the fasting plans makes THE difference. This way you avoid habituation effects and thus stagnation.
  • Important to know: Our bodies are naturally designed to work as efficiently as possible. That is, they always try to create some kind of balance. Therefore, they need new stimuli. That’s how you push your body out of its comfort zone.


This is how you overcome weight loss stagnation and succeed with intermittent fasting.

Stay calm: Weight graphs are rarely linear, but often have an undulating downward trend.

Think big: Don’t focus on how hard it is, but look at your journey as a whole. This way, even a plateau will seem like a challenge that you can only learn from.

Always remember: Your body is not a machine. Have some patience, keep at it, you’re on the right track!

Did you know? With the BodyFast Coach, you’ll fast even more effectively thanks to a personalized fasting program. And numbers show: You’ll reach your goals up to 30% faster!



36 thoughts on “5 Ways to Overcome a Weight Loss Plateau With Intermittent Fasting

  1. TERRIe Page Reply

    Been on plateau for 3 weeks now
    It is a bit depressing but trying a Warrior Week this week
    In saying that I feel a lot lighter around my middle last couple of weeks and jeans are lot easier to put on
    And feel great😁

    • Valerie Dratwa Reply

      Hello Terrie,
      thank you for sharing your success with us. It is great to hear that you already achieved some results! 🙂
      Don’t be discouraged by your plateau – this is a normal thing that can happen to everyone.
      As you already mentioned, also take a look at your measurement to track your real progress. Most of the time they are a better indicator for your success. Also pay attention to all the other benefits (skin, sleep, energy, etc.) coming with fasting, you’re so much more than just a number
      We wish you all the best and happy BodyFasting! 🙂

  2. Ayman Reply

    I have just downloaded the app and subscribed to get a personal coaching but I am a bit confused! How can I contact my coach? Where can I find the meals plan? Will the coach contact me or how does it go? Please advise.

    • Jenny M. Reply

      Hello Ayman!

      The Coach is an intelligent algorithm calculating your individual fasting plan each week based on your data, progress and ratings. In addition, you’ll get weekly tasks in nutrition, exercise and mindfulness as well as daily coaching tips and motivation. And there’s even more like 50+ fasting plans to choose from.

      Intermittent fasting does not require any special diet, this is why we don’t offer meal plans. But we are currently working on recipes to inspire our users with nutrient-rich, healthy meals etc.

      If you have any questions, feel free to send an email to support@bodyfast.app

  3. Patrizia Reply

    Ciao mi sono iscritta a BodyFast per 3 mesi … ma sinceramente non comprendo come funziona l’app
    Dove trovo il mio aiutante per capire se faccio le cose giuste ect.

  4. Ella Reply

    Body fast has been a saviour in my weight loss journey, thank you. Please, when does a plateau begin? After how many months of following a particular routine?

    • Valerie Dratwa Reply

      Hello Ella 🙂
      There is no such things as a set date when your weight starts to plateau. You will stop losing weight when you are no longer in a caloric deficit. To stimulate your body and your metabolism, you can try to switch up fasting plans every 4 to 5 weeks in order to prevent habituation effects.
      You can also try to incorporate more daily movement to encourage your weight loss. 🙂

  5. Jamilah Ahmed Reply

    I downloaded the app about 4 weeks ago and so far I’ve been very impressed with the plans, coaching and my ability to actually change my eating habits.

    Normally I don’t eat much and most times just once a day. The problem I had was eating pretty late, sweet tooth and no exercise! I’d rather take tea or coffee (with lots of sugar) and carbonated drinks instead of water!

    Fasting 24 hours was easy peasy for me, so today I completed the 36 hours! And I felt so Good (most times I actually feel sick when I eat, I’ve never been a fan of food). Have started fasting for 42 hours this evening 😁.

    With the app I’m actually making an effort to change my lifestyle and drinking enough water at last! Haven’t weighed myself yet, I’ll do that tomorrow but I took my measurements today and I’ve lost inches 💃🏾.

    I know I’ll be happy with my new weight regardless of what it is. Now I’m going to work more on reducing my sugar intake, eat healthier, and exercising more. So thanks a lot for this app 😁. Will be back with more good news soon in sha Allah (God willing).

    • Valerie Dratwa Reply

      Hello Jamilah, thank you for sharing your experience and success with all of us. It is amazing to hear that BodyFast and IF has helped you to pursue a more healthier life and habits. We are glad to support you on this journey! 🙂

  6. Alejandra Reply

    No entiendo cómo funciona esto
    No se que plan seguir
    Necesito más asesoría
    Qué pasa si cómo a las 10 de la noche

    • Valerie Dratwa Reply

      Hola Alejandra, ponte en contacto con nuestro equipo de apoyo (info@bodyfast.app) para cualquier pregunta que tengas sobre el ayuno y su funcionamiento.
      Nuestros compañeros responderán a tus preguntas lo antes posible. Gracias. 🙂

  7. Nicole Reply

    Bonjour à tous

    Ça fait 5 semaines que je fais le ji et je ne perd pas de poids mais des centimètres, j’ai perdu 5cm de tour de taille et 7cm de tour de hanche
    Je suis contente, je pense qu’avec le temps, mon poids va diminuer
    Bonne journée

    • Valerie Dratwa Reply

      Bonjour Nicole 🙂
      Nous sommes heureux d’apprendre que vous avez choisi BodyFast pour vous aider dans votre démarche de jeûne.:)
      Comme vous l’avez déjà mentionné, vous avez déjà obtenu quelques résultats !
      La perte de poids n’est pas toujours le facteur déterminant. Vous pouvez également compter les mensurations, la perception de votre corps et bien d’autres choses comme des réussites !

  8. Lesvia Reply

    Hola! Yo alcancé mis objetivos de peso y contornos, quisiera que me orientaran ¿ cómo hago para mantenerme en mi peso? Hasta ahora no tengo problemas con el ayuno, la ventana para alimentación y ejercicio ya que siempre lo he practicado; corro entre 8 y 10 km cinco o seis días a la semana y lo combino con media hora de trabajo de fuerza y con Spinning

    • Christian Mall Reply

      Hola Lesvia, vemos que ya estás haciendo muchas cosas bien. Enhorabuena. El ayuno intermitente y el deporte son una gran combinación, sobre todo si intentas mantener tu peso sin dejar de llevar el estilo de vida del ayuno intermitente.

      Tenemos algunos consejos para ti que esperamos que te ayuden un poco 😊

      1. Cuando se hace mucho deporte y se tiene un alto consumo de energía, puede tener sentido tener tiempos de ayuno moderados de 14 – 16 horas. De este modo, la ventana de alimentación es suficientemente grande para dar al cuerpo la energía que necesita.
      2. Los tentempiés saludables y ricos en energía, como los nueces, las barritas de proteínas, etc., son una buena medida para cubrir las carencias energéticas y nutricionales.
      3. Si sigues notando que te resulta difícil cumplir los requisitos diarios de energía y nutrición (no importa si es poco o demasiado), puede tener sentido trabajar con un nutricionista para ajustar la dieta al ayuno intermitente y al deporte de la mejor manera posible.

  9. Teca Reply

    Hi, I have been doing fasting for already 2 years. I normally do 16h fasting, but i try to change the fasting times (14h, 16h, 18h). One time per month i do 24h. Togther witth the fasting, i do sports (2 a 3 times a week). My diet is healthy, low carb, but of course sometimes i go out with my friends and i only do mistakes :)! In any case i got to be slimmer, but now the weight loss has stopped and i even think i increased a little of my weight. THus, my question is, what do i do if i want to lose a little bit more of my weight, but mainting my muscles. I really would like to loose 4 kg!
    The app is amazing, as it is easier to keep my fasting hours.

    • Christian Mall Reply

      Hi Teca, we’re super happy to hear that you like the app! 🤗 In addition to this article we recommend you take a look at this blog post: https://www.bodyfast.app/en/fasting-weight-fluctuation/ Basically, we recommend you to not focus too much on your weight but instead also take a look at other parts from your body and mind that changed, e.g., having a healthier skin or getting a better sleep through intermittent fasting. If you deliberately want to loose weight while doing something good for your muscles you can perfectly combine intermittent fasting with sports or fitness programs. Happy BodyFasting! 😊

    • Daniel Baraldi Reply

      Hola me gustaría saber que debo desayunar, que me recomiendas, luego de las 16 horas de ayuno.
      Muchas gracias

      • Valerie Dratwa Reply

        Hola Daniel,
        Para ayunos de hasta 24 horas, no recomendamos ningún tipo especial de alimentos para romper el ayuno. Como el ayuno intermitente debe convertirse en tu rutina diaria, te recomendamos que escuches a tu cuerpo y te fijes en qué tipos de alimentos te sientan bien después de un ayuno y cuáles no.:)
        Normalmente puedes comer lo que quieras después de un periodo de ayuno intermitente, pero siempre es importante notar la diferencia en tu cuerpo, en tus niveles de energía y también en tu estado de ánimo después de ciertos tipos de alimentos. También te recomendamos que lleves un diario de comidas en el que anotes cómo te sientes después de determinadas comidas (nivel de energía, digestión, estado de ánimo, etc.). 🙂

  10. Cassie Reply

    This was a very helpful article in the sense that I needed to be reminded of a few things…
    to listen to my body and take the plateau as a learning process
    learning the things my body does agree with in terms of losing weight and what it doesn’t
    I seem to lose a little weight each night that I have a successful IF and I only IF during the night because I am mostly asleep for it but I have a nighttime snacking problem
    I feel like intermittent fasting is my quick way to losing weight because I am doing all the right things like working out and eating healthy during the day… it’s just the nighttime that messes me up even if I have something as small as a yogurt and a string cheese, etc
    I am in a health and fitness mentorship and have a coach but I don’t think she understands how vital to my weight loss it is that I follow IF EACH night. It’s just different for her because she was able to lose a large amount of weight without IF

  11. guadalupe Reply

    Hoy comienzo la sexta semana de ayuno intermitente, y estoy desesperada ya que he aumentado casi dos kilos desde que he empezado…mi compañero hace el mismo plan y ha bajado tres kilos…
    Estoy bastante desanimada y me planteo a esta altura si continuar…😥
    A alguien le ha pasado lo mismo?

    • Christian Mall Reply

      Hola, lo más importante es que no te sientas desanimado. Puede llevar un tiempo hasta que tu cuerpo se acostumbre al ayuno intermitente. Otro aspecto importante que debes tener en cuenta es que tu peso corporal es sólo uno de los muchos factores para medir el éxito. Puedes, por ejemplo, seguir los cambios en tu circunferencia. Dale a tu cuerpo el tiempo que necesita, no te compares con otros. ¡Este es tu viaje, este es tu cuerpo! Celebra cada pequeño éxito, cada paso te acerca a tus objetivos. ¡No te rindas y confía en ti misma! También puedes consultar este artículo en nuestro blog: https://www.bodyfast.app/es/fasting-weight-fluctuation ¡Te deseamos lo mejor! 😊

  12. Berenice Reply


    I overreach with starting my power week the second week and I can’t yet fast for long hours. It is my second weigh in tomorrow and I’m scared I didn’t lose any weight because  I sometimes switch it to a 10h, 14h or 16h fast. Please just boost my confidence before I feel like giving up. I’m going to stay on the 16/8 for the 3rd week until I’m ready for longer fasting. What do I do in the meantime? Do I stop or just continue on with making my hours less?

    • Christian Mall Reply

      Hi Berenice, first of all, we’re really happy that you give intermittent fasting a try and you can already be proud of yourself for having taken this step 😊 It’s completely normal that it might take your body some time to get used to intermittent fasting. For beginner fasters, we generally recommend starting with shorter fasting periods, e.g., 14, 15, or 16 hours. If you feel comfortable with that, you can then try out longer fasting periods. A general note: Losing weight is only one of many benefits of intermittent fasting: You might also notice other changes in your body, such as a better sleep, better skin, or also losing inches. So the body weight is only one way to track your success. Here are two articles which might contain some helpful tips for you:
      We would recommend to keep going and we’re sure that you’ll feel the first positive changes in no time! We wish you all the best 🥰

  13. Meryem Reply

    I’m doing 24 hours fasting with a very low carbs (only some fruits). First week, I have lost 3,5 kg and the second week I had my period and I didn’t loose any weight. Now I’m starting the third week and I feel so frustrated because of my weight loss. I’m eating just a salad with veg and 250g of proteins. I’m 81kg now and I would love to reach 75kg in the 3 upcoming weeks. I don’t know if it’s doable!!
    Thanks in advance
    Best regards

    • Jenny M. Reply

      Hi Meryem!

      Don’t let this get you down, weight loss comes in waves and never is a straight line.

      It seems you might need to rethink some things:

      1. 0.3-0.5 kg per week are considered to be a healthy and sustainable weight loss. Your current goal is not realistic.

      2. Fasting is not about eating less and less. It’s of utter importance to provide your body with the energy and nutrient it needs during your eating window. Your approach is close to starving yourself. Here’s a reading recommendation: https://www.bodyfast.app/en/fasting-as-alternative-to-counting-calories/

      3. You said that you are fasting for a full day but are having fruits. As fasting means not eating and requires the break from eating in order to start the favorable metabolic processes, you should avoid food during your fasting time and focus on a proper nutrition during your eating hours.

      We invite you to read a bit through the other blog articles to get a feeling of what fasting is really about and how to make it work for you as a healthy and permanent lifestyle 🙂

  14. Ana Reply

    I started i. fasting yesterday. I’ve done it about 2 years ago and it went very well. But other situations made the process difficult and I gained weight again.
    I am now determined to improve my health and make intermittent fasting a lifestyle. I already have the app installed.
    Thank you for helping.

    • Valerie Dratwa Reply

      Hello Ana 🙂
      We are glad to hear that you chose BodyFast to help you on your fasting journey. We wish you all the best! 🙂

  15. Marlene Maria Martini Valiati Reply

    boa noite , comprei o plano mas não para de vir cobrança no meu cartão, gostaria de cancelar tudo mas não tenho como entrar em contato com ninguém , vou precisar ir ao procon !

    • Lara Reply

      Olá Marlene, 🤗
      Se precisar de ajuda para cancelar a sua assinatura, por favor contacte info@bodyfast.app. Um membro da equipa irá ajudá-la a cancelar a sua subscrição o mais rapidamente possível. 🙏🏼

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