How to Combine Intermittent Fasting and Shift Work


Anyone who works in shifts is probably familiar with this: The changing working hours are not only a physical and mental challenge. They also require careful planning in everyday life.

Are you also wondering how you can combine your shift schedule with intermittent fasting?

In this blog article, we’ll show you how to integrate intermittent fasting into your daily work routine easily.


Why intermittent fasting is particularly advantageous for shift workers

Shift work often leads to disturbances of your natural sleep-wake cycle. This can put a lot of stress on your body and brain.

In contrast, fasting can help alleviate the negative effects of irregular sleep patterns and sleep deprivation. So, integrating intermittent fasting into your daily work routine is especially beneficial for shift workers!


Here are our tips for a successful combination:

1. Start gently

Shift work is often stressful enough. So gently acclimate your body to the change by choosing a plan like 14/10 or 16/8. 5/2 or more intensive fasting on weekends or vacations are also popular options for shift workers.

2. Take advantage of the flexibility intermittent fasting provides

You don’t have to follow a rigid plan with fixed times. In fact, varying fasting times keep your metabolism active and your fasting effective.

3. Find your way

Test for yourself what is easier for you: using much of your work or sleep time for your fast. Or to occasionally incorporate full fasting days. It has to fit your needs.

4. Prepare yourself

  • Pre-cooked meals, healthy snacks, a pot of herbal tea or the like are easy to prepare and are compatible with your schedule.
  • Eating several small meals (instead of one large one) can help relieve the gastrointestinal tract.
  • Avoid too much caffeine and hard-to-digest foods before going to bed.


This is how you integrate fasting into your daily work routine

One thing is for sure: Every body is different and not every fasting plan will be compatible with your shift work routine.

Always try to listen to your body and regularly check whether the measures are purposeful for you. This way you will find the rhythm that suits you.


Did you know? With the plan editor in the BodyFast app, you can customize your fasting plan to fit your working schedule! That way, you’ll make it even easier for yourself.


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