Mindset Hacks to Boost Your Weight Loss With Fasting


For so many people, losing weight means fighting against themselves: against their shape, against their weaker self, against their own body.

After all, it seems to be common sense that everything is just a question of discipline, following the principle of “no pain, no gain”. When thinking this way, we forget that our bodies are not machines. All the stress we put on ourselves causes our bodies to stop functioning properly.

The solution? The right mindset!

In this article, you’ll learn why your mindset plays such an important role in losing weight. And also how intermittent fasting can help you develop a more positive attitude.


How your mind affects your weight loss success

Have you ever failed with your weight loss goals? Did you have to deal with stupid comments about your weight? That’s exactly what affects your mindset in a negative way. Sure, you want to do everything right, finally make it. So you put yourself under extreme pressure.

This stress is the biggest success killer when it comes to losing weight.

Studies show that too much stress can stop fat burning. This is mainly due to the stress hormones that are released, e.g. cortisol blocks your fat metabolism.

But you can change what is happening in your mind! You can influence and alter it – if you wish!


Switch your mindset now

This may take some practice, but it is so valuable to remembering these things:

1. Invite your body.

2. Stop fighting against it.

3. Learn to listen to your body’s needs. Be patient.

4. Accept its limits, don’t push too hard if you don’t feel like it.

You will see: Once you stop thinking of your body as the enemy, everything changes! When you work WITH it instead of against it, many things will become easier immediately.


How intermittent fasting helps you develop a more positive attitude

Intermittent fasting can help you build a more positive mindset. Intermittent fasting improves your relationship with food (and with yourself).

  • You learn to listen to your needs again.
  • You take yourself out of the stream of constant consumption, become more aware and independent.
  • You give your body the time and rest to recover and regenerate while fasting.


Losing weight does not have to be a fight

The right mindset, the right attitude is the key to your success. Do you think this is all much easier said than done? It is! Still, it’s so worth it.

Remember one thing: Changing your mindset takes time. Don’t be desperate if you sometimes fall back into old patterns. Stay positive and just keep going – also with intermittent fasting! You will recognize that it will happen less often after some time. Every step brings you closer to your goal! You can do it!


BodyFast supports you on your way with the best fasting plans for you.


9 thoughts on “Mindset Hacks to Boost Your Weight Loss With Fasting

  1. Chris Reply

    I’m finding it quite easy in my first week,I think twice my mind has told me I wanted something to eat but fortunately manage to work though that.

    • Valerie Dratwa Reply

      Hello Chris, thanks for sharing your experience with us. So far this sounds amazing! We wish you all the best and happy to support you on your fasting journey! 🙂

  2. Katherine Reply

    My worst time is in the afternoon as soon as I have lunch I generally look for something else often something sweet but then for the rest of the afternoon I just want a graze it’s like a non-stop back and forward back and forward to the fridge not sure what to.do

    • Taitos Reply

      I have been struggling with my weight for over 14 years after the birth of my 2 girls. I tried almost each and every diet but I keep on failing. But last week I got fed when I was trying my dress to go to church and nothing could go in. I was really cut deep. And immediately I said I will try intermittent fasting. Don’t get get it wrong I also tried it before. I think I lacked commitment. And I Sall I say since last week Wednesday I started my 16 hrs fasting and amazingly is working in the sense that I am not bothered with food and I know will take time to getting used to but hey I am so proud of myself. Your emails are a great inspiration.
      Thank you so much😊

  3. Veronica Reply

    Hoy fue mi primer ayuno compense anoche 00:horas por 16 horas y tome solo líquidos agua de yerbas y un desayuno solo leche y no sentí ganas de comer ni ansiedad salí en bicicleta compense mis labores de hogar y me distraje sin pensar en la comida claro que soy vegetariana y no como carnes ni grasas frituras ni comida chatarra por esto mismo pienso que no fue muy díficil….

    • Valerie Dratwa Reply

      Hola Veronica,
      Es estupendo que comparta con nosotros su primera experiencia.
      Sólo puede mejorar.
      ¡Le deseamos que siga teniendo éxito y se divierta con BodyFast! 🙂

  4. Tammy Reply

    I it would be hard for me because I have hypoglycemia but I found it easy. There are some times at the 11 hour mark I feel hunger but there was one day I fasted 14 hours and I didn’t feel hungry at all.
    Side note I try to fast between 12-14 hours.

  5. Sadia Reply

    I started this program during Ramadan given that I was already going to be fasting ~13hr days. I am currently not very clear on when and how I will start seeing results – I am on week 2 and have been doing ~18hr fasts every day so far but havent seen much of a weight difference yet. Do I have to change the amount of hours I am fasting from week to week? Additionally I have quite a sweet tooth and tend to eat sugars at night – any tips on how to reduce sugar cravings and eat healthier at nights?

    • Jenny M. Reply

      Hi Sadia,

      It is not at all worrisome that you haven’t lost any weight yet. It usually takes your body 2-3 week to get used to the changes coming with fasting and the weight itself is only a snapshot. A much better way to measure your progress is by regularly taking your body measurements.

      So all it takes is a bit more patience and probably some further advice which you can find on our blog. Feel free to read some more articles, you will find tips about healthy snacking, reducing cravings, how to measure your progress the best way, and much more.

      Happy reading!

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