Can I create my own fasting plan?

Yes, as a Coach user, you can create and save your own unique fasting plans in the “My plans” section. To do this, either choose from several templates or start …

What is included in the Coach subscription?

In addition to the free options, the Coach gives you access to all app features: Your Coach Journey, optimized to your goals A personalized fasting plan every week based on …

How can I customize my fasting plan?

You can adjust your fasting plan at any time before you start or during the ongoing week. To do this, use the plan editor, which you open by clicking on …

Where can I find other BodyFasters?

Find like-minded people and exchange ideas with thousands of BodyFasters in our Facebook groups or on our Instagram channels. That is pure motivation!

Can I end a week early?

Of course, this is possible if there are important reasons for it. But remember: Perseverance is usually worthwhile and leads you to your goal.